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I don't have experience with other brands but what drew me to EHG is that they list every component to the nutrients and not only the ratios. Unfortunately there isn't much information or many grow diaries with these nutrients but I don't think I got the feeding schedule wrong, apart from some spots on leaves she seemed pretty healthy the whole way through.
very happy with this product hasnt let me down yet..
This brand tends to really stand out after using it for a while..though its not the best on the market yet its far from the worst..its definitely getting to the top and fast..Its works well and has great results compared to some well known brands out there..It cheap and very very reliable and it has owned it place in my grow room that is for sure..
Big up to these guys... Thank you
Very easy and simple nutrient system
Great stuff for real
Well I really happy with this brand and products..I started off with EHG when i started growing and I'm still using it today simply because it works very well..I'll be using this products in future grows as well.great stuff!
Great brand would definitely be going on with their nutes. Easy to use and easy to flush out.
too much nitrogen for anything after the stretch.
less nitrogen in the bloom maybe????
always love these products, im finding maybe that the bloom might have to much nitrogen in it after the stretch is done, the plants start to show toxity and i had to corrct using the ripener and some bestie bloomz