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HazMat OG


The Guaranteed Original SkunkVA Chem/Dawg ’91. There will never be an equivalent for the often imitated, but never duplicated, clone mother to the worldwide Chem/Dawg and Diesel phenomenon. Our verified original SkunkVA Chem ’91 cutting traces its roots directly back to the Overgrow user SkunkVA, the one who brought her out from the shadows. A perfect marriage between the sativa influence of the Chem ’91 and the indica-leaning nature of the Face Off OG. This plants exhibit deep skunky odiferous diesel tones with hints of limey OG all wrapped in a bouquet of that classic halitosis onion chem funk.

Gender Regular
Genes 0% Indica / 100% Sativa
Genetics SkunkVA Chem 91 x Face Off OG bx1
Flowering 75 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released

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