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Poochie Love


The legendary PNW Dog Shit. As terrible as the name is, the variety that bears the name is a Pacific NorthWest legend almost as well documented as Big Foot! Sure to please the most demanding Sativa Connoiseurs, her legendary high, aroma, and smoke left every seasoned smoker with shit eating grin and the crowds at concerts rubber-necking looking for the source of the heavenly aroma. In the days of covert smoking, a funny name always kept people guessing what was really being discussed, and I’m sure many a passer-by wondered, “were those kids really talking about smoking dog shit”? It’s true, but not true to the name, this herb is anything but shitty. A clone brought from the Midwest to Portland Oregon in 1994, she has been caringly passed and preserved ever since. A 12 week flower time shines through owing to her likely Columbian/Punta Roja Red Heritage from equatorial sativas. Thin leaves, beautiful large trichome heads and a stretchy dominating stature in the grow room. She wants all the lights and isn’t afraid to take it. Her aroma is dark dank sweet haze emanating through a cloak of tropical mystical fruit punch funk with a potency that is unrivaled.

Gender Regular
Genes mS
Genetics The Legendary PNW Dogshit clone x Face/Off OG bx1 Male
Flowering 80 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released



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