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The very unique and widespread, with good reason, Colorado Flo clone crossed with our studly Face/Off OG bx1 dad has produced some extraordinarily unique smelling and tasting plants. The Flo mother brings in a very pungent mix of blueberry, kush, menthol, and misty incense that makes for a unique marriage with the lemon lime funky OG dankness of the Face Off. There’s almost a carbonated zest flavour to it. Plants exhibit beautiful fall colours upon flushing at the finish of flower. A beautifully structured plant with ample branching and thick leathery leaves with a beautiful bud structure, unique terpene profiles, and very high quality resin.

Gender Regular
Genes SI
Genetics Colorado Flo x Face Off OG bx1
Flowering 65 days
Room Type Indoor
Room Type Outdoor
Release Year Previously Released




Blue Cherry OgOver FLO Blue Cherries

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