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TheCannaProphet Apprentice
Poochie Love
Growing it
Archive Seeds Poochie Love is a 70/30 cross of Dog Shit x Face Off OG. I picked up some 'seeded' flower of this strain (which was cultivated by Culta) at a dispensary in which I scored five seeds. These two girls are from them and I was relieved that they not only BOTH turned out female, but grew to such fabulous cultivars! They have a 10-11 week flower so be patient, but don't be shy with nutrients as these girls have quite the appetite! They started frosting up in their second to third week of flower and just continued to pour on the trichomes! The internodal spacing on this strain is perfect for massive, densely stacked flowers but be prepared to train and religiously remove and tuck leaves to give the lower portions lots of light as these girls can get quite bushy. The buds dried beautifully with one phenotype expressing beautiful coloration, the other pheno's flowers kept their bright green color but were just as resinous as the other. Both pheno's flowers have a long structure with semi-pointed tips and an excellent leaf/calyx ratio! The smell from her flowers is a strong earthy aroma with hints of skunk, herbs & spices which carry over to your palate when smoked. This sativa dominate cultivar is best for daytime ingestion as it has a definite 'up high' which you immediately feel in your temples. It's great for being creative and expressing yourself through art and other mediums due to it's mainly energizing, psychedelic effects. After a couple of hours the Indica side of her genetics makes her appearance known by a light pressure behind your eyes, which then spreads relaxingly throughout your body. My only regret is that I only have THREE seeds left! This strain has turned out to be quite the pleasant surprise and fast became one of my favorite strains to grow and smoke but good luck finding seeds... Are you listening Archive Seeds? If you get an opportunity to get some of these magic beans, and they are magic, PLANT won't be disappointed!:sunglasses::ok_hand:
5 months ago