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Trainwreck Auto
Growing it
:green_heart:~FASTBUDS TRAINWRECK~:green_heart:

This was my first experience cultivating this strain from FastBuds and trust me it won't be the last! Beautiful rock hard buds colored in shades of green contrasted by orange hairs and sparkling white trichomes... Absolutely beautiful 'bag appeal' and the strong citrus/spicy aroma is one you'll not soon forget!

The buds have a strong lemony aroma with spicy hints mixed in and, when I smoked a 'Test Bud', that combination carried over to my mouth with its citrus sourness and subtle spicy touches that are guaranteed to put a grin on your face, quite an experience! :grin:

Being a strain that leans towards the Sativa side of her lineage, it showed when I smoked some feeling the effects immediately in my head behind my eyes. That Sativa 'Head High' lasts quite awhile before slowly transitioning to a gentle body relaxation making this a perfect daytime smoke when you have a lot to accomplish, but want to chill and relax at days end!

As I mentioned above, the trichome production on this strain was exceptional and I can't wait to try some extractions which should make for some mighty tasty rosin!:heart_eyes::fire:

All in all, this was a super easy strain to cultivate and produced absolute 'Top Shelf' results. I'd highly recommend FastBuds Trainwreck to everyone from beginners looking for an easy to grow strain, to experienced growers looking for an autoflower that will rock your world! :sunglasses:: 1:
3 weeks ago
Chemdawg Auto
Growing it

All I can say is...WOW! FastBuds has done it again with their Chemdawg strain! If your looking for an easy to grow cultivar that produces gassy, rock hard nugs covered in glistening trichomes with a 19-20% THC content, look no further!

The flowers on this girl turned out perfect with a soft green color contrasted by orange stigmas and white trichomes... Gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

The buds have a strong diesel aroma with earthy hints mixed in and, when I smoked a 'Test Bud', that combination carried over to my mouth with its earthy notes and very powerful diesel touches that are guaranteed to put a grin on your face, quite an experience! :grin:

Chemdawg effects is a fusion of chemicals with earthy essences that will leave a long-lasting gassy concoction in your mouth with a kushy aftertaste that you won't soon forget!

The effect of Chemdawg will have your mind flying at the speed of light, while a relaxing body high envelopes you without letup, leaving you totally relaxed and mellow... perfect to enjoy after a hard day!

As I mentioned above Chemdawg has quite the aroma, this is a true representation of her chemical, gassy, and diesel terpene profiles. The main terpenes being:

~Pinene: 40.5%

~Humulene: 8.2%

~Myrcene: 25.4%

~Caryophyllene: 15.1%

Chemdawg's blend of Indica and Sativa genetics provides a really pleasant high that will leave your whole body melting and will leave you in a coma, perfect for after a long day of work or when you want to relax, meditate or stare at your phone wondering what it was that you wanted to look up! :zany_face:

If you're looking for a gassy strain that will make you forget about the day's stresses and lay you out.... CHEMDAWG by FastBuds is IT! :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:
4 weeks ago
Jack 47 XL Auto®
Growing it

This was my first experience with both Sweet Seeds and the Jack47XL strain and believe me a lasting impression has been left... WOW what an AWESOME cultivar!

She developed several branches that developed huge stacked cola's on each that were just glistening with trichomes and had a fabulous coloration from her fade that I won't soon forget!

Being predominately Sativa in her genetics her buds didn't get super dense and hard like an Indica, they're looser but completely covered in frost... and the aroma! OMG this is the sweetest smelling cultivar I've grown in some time and to add a special twist, you can occasionally catch hints of incense that is just insane! :heart_eyes:

I fired up a 'Test Bud' and on inhale her aroma carries right through to your tongue with a sweetness that coats your palate, and yes I could detect some of that incense' in there as well...So unique and unforgettable! On exhale a rush envelopes your head and gets your brain in 'High Gear'. That 'head high' persists thanks to the Sativa heritage and would make this a killer daytime smoke or, for that matter a great one for any social situation... You'll be the 'Life of the Party'! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the insane amount of trichomes on her buds I really was looking forward to doing some extractions with this strain and with the RH in the jars in the high 60's I went ahead and did a 'Test Press' with 7g of flower @ 185℉ for 150sec. and came away with 1.96g of some of the finest rosin that had a super light honey color.:fire: One dab was all it took to convince me that I'll be pressing a lot more of her... DELICIOUS!

In closing, if you haven't already tried growing Sweet Seeds JACK47XL AUTO what are you waiting for... Grow some and become a believer like I did! :sunglasses::+1::+1::+1:
4 weeks ago

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