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Strawberry Gorilla Auto
Growing it
~FastBuds Strawberry Gorilla Auto~ Strain Report: Greetings fam! Today, let's embark on a thrilling journey through the fascinating world of FastBuds Strawberry Gorilla autoflower. Known for its sweet aroma and potent effects, this strain has been a delight for for me to cultivate. Phenotypes: #1 The Stealthy Ninja: Appearance: Sleek and slender, with a ninja-like ability to blend seamlessly into its surroundings. Growth: Low maintenance, perfect for beginners or those with a busy schedule. Flavor Profile: Delicate notes of berries and a subtle spiciness. #2 The Sweet Tooth Wonder: Appearance: Distinguished by its vibrant green hues and an abundance of fiery orange pistils. Growth: Compact and bushy, perfect for those with limited space. Flavor Profile: Sweet, with hints of strawberries and a subtle earthiness. #3 The Gorilla Glue Guardian: Appearance: Resin-coated buds that glisten like dew in the morning sun. Growth: Robust and sturdy, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. Flavor Profile: Fuel and piney, with a touch of citrus freshness. Growing Experience: FastBuds Strawberry Gorilla autoflower proved to be a grower's dream. With a few minor issues along the way, which were in all likelihood my fault, and otherwise minimal effort on my part, and after loving on them for 13 weeks, I was rewarded with robust plants that had decent yields. It's practically the green thumb's secret weapon – even if your thumb is more chartreuse than emerald like mine.😉 "Growing Strawberry Gorilla is like having your own fruity treasure trove. It's the Willy Wonka of the cannabis garden!" Smoke Report: Taste: Prepare your taste buds for a symphony of flavors. Strawberry Gorilla dances on the palate with a fruity overture, followed by earthy undertones. It's like a picnic in your mouth, but with a slight herbal twist – a gourmet experience for the discerning smoker. Effects: Strawberry Gorilla doesn't monkey around when it comes to effects. A potent hybrid, it induces a euphoric head high that gradually melts into a relaxing body buzz. It's the kind of high that makes you want to swing from the trees of imagination without a care in the world. Medicinal Uses: This strain is a therapeutic powerhouse. Its stress-relieving and mood-enhancing properties make it a great choice for those seeking solace from the daily grind. The gentle body relaxation is a bonus for managing pain and tension. Daytime or Nighttime? Picture this: A sunny afternoon, birds chirping, and you, with a joint of Strawberry Gorilla in hand. It's a daytime delight that won't leave you glued to the couch. However, in the evening, it transforms into a mellow companion for winding down. "Growing Strawberry Gorilla is like having your own secret garden. The only difference is, your neighbors won't complain about the aroma – they might just ask for a tour!" In conclusion, FastBuds Strawberry Gorilla autoflower is more than just a strain; it's an experience. Whether you're a seasoned grower or a curious enthusiast, this fruity delight is worth adding to your collection. Happy growing, and may your harvests be as sweet as a strawberry in the summer sun! 💚Growers Love!💚
4 months ago
Tropicana Cookies Auto
Growing it
Hey Fam! I really enjoyed doing this run of FastBuds Tropicana Cookies Auto's, and it for sure was a learning experience for me! I ended up with three distinct phenotypes of this strain, from short and bushy to tall and lanky. The differences didn't stop there, coloration ranged from a light lavender, to a dark purple that almost appears black! The aromas differed as well with the #2 plant having a very 'hashy' smell to her, while the #1 & #3 pheno's were sweeter and more floral. They took just over 10 weeks from breaking ground to finish, and then were hung for 14 days in total darkness @ 58-60℉ to begin the drying/curing process. I like to cure my flower in jars for a minimum of 4 weeks, preferably 6 weeks before I try it out as this gives ample time to fully cure and for the terpenes to mature so I am quoting FastBuds on how this strain smokes... my report will be updated in a few weeks once the flower has cured. "Tropicana Cookies Auto’s effect starts with an energizing head rush that gets your mind up and running while leaving you in a nice calm state. As the Indica-dominant side kicks in, the powerful cerebral effect gradually moves downwards and hits your whole body with a deep relaxation that leaves you with a joyful stoney sensation and in an overall happy and positive state of mind. It’s the perfect daytime and nighttime strain as it can boost your mood and enhance a night out with friends but can also quiet your mind as you get ready for a good night of sleep. No matter the scenario, expect a powerful high that lasts for hours on end."* *Credit: FastBuds
5 months ago
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That Trophy shelf is looking great!!!!! 👍👍👍👍 i cant care enough to ever get a diairy of the month award. it eludes me but you do so well!!!!!😍
Thanks for liking my insta posts.... i dont have alot of followers so those likes are total validation haha!!!!
Got the Dairys rolling now huh! Gonna fill up that trophy rack! Happy Grows bro!
Do u think theres a possibility of this outcome, such a yield but 5x5 and 4 10 gallons, and can i ask what do you think/know was different from this grow to your others