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Growing it
This colorful cultivar is a beauty to behold, offering purple hues and vibrant greens, producing tightly packed buds with a generous coating of glistening trichomes for a truly remarkable plant!

Despite its name, Purple Punch offers a range of shades from purple to green, yellows, and even orange pistils which balance the flowers out perfectly. Thanks to its fantastic array of anthocyanins, Purple Punch undoubtedly is on of the top genetics to cultivate if you're looking for eye appeal! :star-struck:

This dessert strain holds true to its purple lineage, offering complex flavors with an overwhelmingly sweet theme, vibrant hues of purple, and a pungent sweet smell that will keep you coming back for more! :heart_eyes:

Purple Punch comes with a distinctive smell that is unmistakable. Rich notes of sweet grapes and candy tantalize your nose and If you aren’t a fan of sweet buds, this one is undoubtedly going to be a bit much for you, bringing a complex mixture of sweet and sugary notes, with a hint of Zkittles and blueberry.

When you break this bud up, you get hit instantly with earthy, blueberry notes that will have your mouth watering. :stuck_out_tongue: This Purple Punch is the perfect option for those who aren’t too fond of super skunky buds and prefer a more 'dessert' tasting smoke.

Like her aroma, Purple Punch tastes deliciously sweet, with the taste of berries and grapes being the first to hit your palate upon inhale, slowly transforming into a dank and rich smoke, almost tart and citrus in nature. The exhale is incredibly smooth and sweet, reminding of Sweet Tarts and sugared berries....YUMMY! :purple_heart:

When it comes to Purple Punch, its effects are the perfect combination of relaxing and functional, making it a perfect match for those looking for either a soaring high, or relief from medicinal symptoms . Despite its Indica roots, Purple Punch isn't considered to be a couch-locking strain when consumed in moderation. Instead, the strain offers a mild sedative effect that feels relaxing and thoughtful, with an underlying euphoric and focused sensation.

Medical patients suffering from anxiety, depression, stress or insomnia will benefit from the physical and mental melt that comes with this flower. Beginning at your head, the high of Purple Punch creeps around your body into the core, and then into your arms and legs as you feel your tension and stress begin to fade, then disappear.

In closing, if you like sweet and fruity strains, you’re going to love this Purple Punch strain. With a flavor profile of candy flavors, a mix of berries and grapes with tart and fresh notes, I guarantee your taste buds will be in fruity ecstasy in no time at all. In addition, this strain offers a relaxing and euphoric high so if you’ve been feeling down and overstressed... Purple Punch is here to save the day! :purple_heart::right-facing_fist::skin-tone-3:
1 month ago
Auto Power Plant
Growing it
I've run Dutch Passion's Power Plant strain in the photoperiod version several times because it never fails to please and this autoflower version follows right in the photo variety's footsteps! The buds on this strain grow into monster cola's that, because of its tight internodal spacing, are SUPER DENSE and packed with trichomes!

The aroma of this strain is something so unique you will definitely remember it with its spicy, earthy nose and subtle hints of lily's and vanilla it will put a smile on your face every time! Did I mention it's excellent for extractions as well!

This strain is mostly Sativa from South Africa and as a result the high starts out uplifting, giving motivation to get projects or other tasks done. Keep smoking this girl and the energetic sativa high gives way to a relaxing euphoria that lends itself to listening to some music or just vegging on the couch watching TV. I LOVE growing this strain, smelling it, smoking it! Now with the Auto version, I can cultivate it 3 to 4 times a year! Give her a try and I'm sure you'll agree!:sunglasses::ok_hand:
1 month ago
Banana Kush Auto
Growing it
"The soaring high provided by the highly sought-after Banana Kush Auto is loved by recreational enthusiasts the world over. Powered by an insanely high THC level that can reach 23%, a mind-clearing cerebral stimulation followed by a profoundly relaxing body buzz characterizes its psychoactive traits – even in moderate doses.

Its purpose, though, is not merely for recreation. It has a higher CBD level than most THC-heavy cultivars, and is said to come with excellent medicinal potential too.

This particular variety from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is also remarkable for another reason, because despite being an auto, it's as potent as the original photoperiod mother plant. Its genotype leans heavily towards the Indica side having been crossed with an Autoflowering Indica cultivar of South Indian descent.

Banana Kush Auto has a tropical flavor with the distinct aroma of bananas and earth.

Banana Kush Auto delivers a gentle yet stimulating cerebral high, with a euphoric rush that refreshes the mind and creates new pathways for happy thoughts and sentiments. The upbeat demeanor persists for about 20 – 40 minutes, at which point the physical effects start to manifest.

The heavy-hitting body high melts away tensions, soothing the muscles and until a profound sense of relaxation takes over. As the mood further brightens, the intensity of the physical stone keeps rising. Heaviness will weigh you down before drowsiness finally sets in, and drifting off to sleep is pretty much unavoidable.

Banana Kush Auto is best reserved for experienced cannabis consumers. Even in moderate doses, its effects can be intense. Common side effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes, dizziness, and possibly a headache too. In higher doses, this hybrid has the potential to make some people feel anxious or paranoid."
2 months ago

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