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BigDaddyK GrandMaster
Cherry Bomb Auto
Growing it
A lovely fruity strain, such an amazing smell, It grew a bit maniac, but it has some nice buds, Im not sure why it grew so big, the buds are very compact, and tasty.I trimmed about 5 ounces then gave up, the rest can goto the oil foundation.Smoke is fruity and sweet, bit of a creeper, gets you VERY Stoned ,does leave you with a dry mouth. Highly Recommended, Indica main hit, difficult to play piano after.. lol.
Wet weight 2050 grams
Dry frosty buds 165 grams
150 watt Bestva Led x 2
update -
this is a beautiful smoke, smooth,sweet,relaxing,I recommend you try it,It really is so close to being the top, but as i can have only one favourite,this is number 2.Even tho the buds were a bit spindly the quality of smoke is exceptional, if she had nt grown so big i might have got better, but hey ,experiments are experiments.!!!!
9 months ago