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How do you improve on a classic? We have with Widow Bomb! We crossed a vigorous White Widow father with Bomb #1 and then crossed it back with a White Widow mother. The result was outstanding. Widow Bomb maintains the power White Widow is known for and by crossing it with Bomb #1 we have improved yield, strength and taste.

Widow Bomb produces large diamond white crystalline buds that are both denser and more compact than original White Widow. Huge resin producing glands cover the plant with trichomes which spread right down onto the shade leaves making it look like it has been in the middle of a blizzard. Where White Widow can often be quite wispy, Widow Bomb stays much more compact making it much easier to grow.

Widow Bomb has a bigger yield and better taste while maintaining an exceptionally high level of THC (+20%) which will undoubtedly blow you away!!!


1 set_ounce
Harvest Weight


Gender Feminised
Genes indica/sativa
Harvest 450-550g/mยฒ
Flowering 8-10 weeks

Tastes & Effects

1 Grower
1 Grower

Family Tree

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Widow Bomb
Growing it
Well What can i say. Very Straight forward growing no problems really with any aspects the the grow stages.
Germinated really well all at the same time and speed.
After Potting the little seeds it took no longer then a week to see first 2 set of leafs. When put under the lights it just never stopped growing.
During the the flowering stage The height of them did stop i didn't take any measurements of the plants so really cant tell you what the heights are. After the first week into flowering you see the start of the buds forming little white snow flakes. By about the 4-5 week was just a see of white. Buy the end the the flowering we did have a bit of problem with some full greens leafs falling for about a week then kinda stopped was a a bit weird. Still cant work it out to this day why er had so many green leafs falling off.
Harvest Was pretty easy. Dried in around 10 days using the snap test to see if dry.
It has the kind of sugar-sweet citrus fragrance thatโ€™s just too decadent to resist
9 months ago

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