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MsWakeNbake Apprentice
Sour Jack
Growing it

:hugging_face::point_right:THE HARVEST:point_left::hugging_face:

:ok_hand::lips::dash: Welp Grow Diaries Fam it's FINALLY time 2 harvest this Sour Jack girl of mine.Although this wasn't my 1st time around the block with this strain,grew two others last year which u can see some of in the beginning of this diary,it was a far better over all experience than it was the first time.All of my grow conditions were the same except for just a few slight differences. I went up in my pot size from a 3 gallon to a 7 gallon and this time I also topped the plant which by the way was my 1st time using that method and lastly I also put the plant in to 48 hours of darkness before chopping her down which was also a 1st for me.I more importantly than anything allowed her 2 fully develop & harvested at just the right time which I wasn't able to do with the other two last year because I was in the process of moving & had to harvest a couple of weeks early. I'm very happy to report that it most definitely paid off.This one plant yielded what both of the others did combined & I found that the 48 hrs of darkness did increase the trichomes to a little bit.Overall it was a simple grow just as it was the first time.I didn't have any issues with deficiencies of any kind & she always bounced back very quickly anytime that I performed any LST on her or defoliated any leaves.Other than the amount of time that it took to grow I have no complaints about this strain.The bud is a very smooth head high.Its a little more of a daytime strain but its also smokable at night.Its going to make u feel motivated & creative as well as relaxed at the sometime. If you have the time than I would definitely recommend growing this strain at least once.
3 months ago