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NomNom Apprentice
BC Blueberry
Growing it
I’m going to put the bud/smoke/etc part up here and the plant/grow part below.

Now that she is harvested I can speak of her other qualities.

I’ve been smelling my sweet Ms. Blueberries for weeks now and I’ve been so excited to actually try her out. This is only my 2nd grow and with getting such a huge yield from her I decided to send her into a proper lab for testing to find out her exact THC level. Attached below in the pictures is the lab report, it goes as follows.

CBD = < 0.100% (not detectable)
THC delta-9 = 0.178
THCa = 22.2
Total THC = 19.7%

The breeder, Next Generation Seeds, said this strain was 20% THC so I think 19.7% is bang on perfect, especially since that is the actual convertible Total THC using the conversion factor of 0.877 rather than the higher adding method that some use.

By comparison the White Cookies I grew from Crop King Seeds was suppose to be 19.25% THC according to Crop King Seeds (never had it tested). This Blueberry by Next Generation hits way harder and lasts way longer. I don’t know what the White Cookies actually is but it feels a lot lower then this Blueberry does.

Bud size/yield on her is amazing, my “small” buds are in around the .8g mark and I’m swimming in buds that are in the 1.5g mark.

Now for taste, smell, smoke, effect….

The smell is a “sweet berry”, I don’t think I’d call it a blueberry smell, but then again I have blueberry bushes in my back yard and eat them straight off the plant so my idea of a blueberry smell fresh off the plant might be different then people buying store bought ones.

The smoke is very nice, it has a mint and berry taste to it. It’s very pleasing and everyone whom we’ve given it to has liked it.

The high is very much a hybrid of a indica/sativa mix. It’s very nice and it’s very chatty, but also really relaxing. Had a couple friends stop by the other weekend, we smoked a lot of blueberry, lazed around and chatted about food for hours as we ate. It’s relaxing and nice to sleep on, but is also ok to work and do stuff on if you don’t hit it too hard.

The high comes in “waves” and you’ll think, “that was nice” as you are coming down off of a high wave and starting to think about other toke… but then all of a sudden another wave and are surprised it keeps going. It has lasting/staying power and it very pleasant, however it can be a bit of a “headband” high especially if you smoke a lot of it. Not a “heavy” headband but a lighter rubber headband.

If I got to name this strain I think I’d call it Mint Berry Headband.

We have shared this with several friends and family it’s gotten great reviews from everyone. Would highly recommend this as a grow.
4 days ago
NomNom Apprentice
Sour Jack
Growing it
The buds were mostly small with a lot of orange hairs and are dense.

She defiantly a Sativa, nice clean/clear headed on her and she goes well with simple tasks. It's a chatty high, and there was not really any negative effects, it didn't make me sleepy but it also didn't cause insomnia. Overall it had nice effects.

She's not "high test" definitely a lower THC level, Crop king has it listed at 16% and I believe that to be fairly accurate. It's a nice daytime working high or could even work well as a wake and bake. She's a nice high that is conducive to doing tasks. :+1:

She’s got a diesel smell to her and smoking she tastes like cheese and diesel. The taste is very much a love it or hate it, not a lot of sitting on the fence as it’s fairly distinct. I don't mind the taste of her but my S/O complains it's like vaping a "hobo's dirty sock". Like I said it's a very distinct taste and you either like it or you hate it.
2 weeks ago
NomNom Apprentice
Bubba Kush
Growing it

Well this bitch hermied on me! Pulling off the underside bud growth and confirmed it had couple males. In my hand and dried up pollen sack exploded, the pollen shot up in a little “puff” cloud. I’m mad, now I have some shitty pollen floating around my grow room. The bitch got taken out of the grow room that instant. I chopped her and weighed her wet and then threw her out. Don’t want to risk having pollen in my grinder/on my fingers when I go into the tent to take care of the other girls, that is isn’t worth the oz or two of crappy bud.

Hopefully it didn’t fuck any of my other girls, but odds are that it may have impregnated my sour jack sitting right next to her.


IMO this is one of the main reasons for this community. To be able to look up information on strains before you buy them. Finishing a diary so others can see the results good or bad is better then abandoning a diary and leaving it in limbo where the rest of us don't know if you just got busy and didn't finish uploading it or if you had a genetics problem and killed it off early to save the rest of the crop. Please finish you diaries so the rest of us know.

I'm hoping my bad experience will help save other growers the heartache of dealing with bad genetics.

UPDATE: I knew stevieb21 was also growing a Bubba Kush from Crop King (don't know him, I just watch other diaries with the same strains and he was nice enough to comment on my grow a few weeks ago). I left a comment on his grow warning him to watch for hermie on his Bubba Kush, he checked a few hours later and sure enough his was hermied as well. So glad I could at least help a fellow grower out, his grow was a couple weeks behind mine, hopefully he caught it early enough that pollen didn't get onto his other 3 strains he is also growing.
1 month ago