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Tesla Newbie
Purple Orange CBD
Growing it
It's an easy plant to grow, also very beautiful. It didn't stretched much, and flower more like sativa, with airy buds. No mold! :)
Quite bushy plant, I went heavy with defoliation.. Also it's easy to overfeed, I went really low on the fertilizer during flowering, and flushed for 2 weeks.
This is my 7th grow of high CBD strains, and 2nd time growing this strain, I recommend it! 9/10!!
It took 12 weeks from switch 12/12 hours until harvest. Very resinous with pungent smells.
I'm still drying it. I'll update soon...
It have been drying for 8 days. The weather is good..
It weighs 107g, stems removed..
[update 2]
1 month after curing:
the herb is very sticky, it smell is ok, good.
The thc : cbd profile according to this analysis is 15.6 : 8.5% (last photo)
The high is nice, energetic and relaxing. Just a little strong to me, I prefer something lighter, but still recommendable.
10 months ago
Yololive Apprentice
Purple Orange CBD
Growing it
Well, here's a pictures of the harvest-still not fully cured, but the weight won't change much from now on.

Over 2lbs off of this girl in buds, plus another 26 ounces of trimmings ,so I guess that makes my total harvest 4lbs 8oz.....
11 months ago
Benji Apprentice
Purple Orange CBD
Growing it
I haven't gotten to sample, still drying. Will update.
*Update*:: it's kind of a heavy smoke without being overwhelming; after 30 or so minutes, I get real heavy eyelids and just wanna naaaaaaaappp.. zzz...zzz...
I have samples going out to totally unrelated people and will be collecting their thoughts, as well.
I obviously will have some for a while and hope it gets sweeter as the cure sets in. Ok. I've ran out of things to say, but my outcome is still yellow... Gimme Green!!!
My reason for harvesting was increasing chances of bud rot (2% of total weight found). Also, my plant would no longer be receiving direct sunlight for more than 2 hours a day, so I figured, why not? Had a trim party with my hombres Kenny and Matteo! I did not get a wet weight, but would it be useful with all them sticks still attached? Either way, I'm conservatively guessing 6 zips dried, realistically 8 zips, and optimistically 12 zips. Again, that's a pure speculative guess and I'll be sure to weigh up, and date-up, this weekend for actual factuals, taste and effect details as well! Stay tuned, don't touch that dial and more bulletins as events warrant.
Also of note - as we were beginning to trim, 'Mary Jane's Last Dance' came on my Pandora list. RIP Mr Petty - thanks for the music
12 months ago