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Dinafem Seeds is a company which was created by the user community of cannabis. Before a creation it had a year of technical research, the team carefully prepared and made the first experiments of producing feminised seeds. 

Dinafem Seeds has years of experience growing. It has chosen the most interesting strains. And today Dinafem  has a wide range of 100% stabilised, standardised and feminised seeds, obtained by crossing some of the best-quality cannabis strains in the world. It works with high-quality Californian genetics such as OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Dinachem or Purple Afghan Kush.

Dinafem Seeds became the first producer of feminised seeds in Spain, proving the quality of feminised seeds. It is also international seed bank with recognised quality. 

Dinafem Seeds is presented in all European countries where seeds are sold. It is a retail seller of seeds with their own grow shop. They have a wide line of feminised, autoflowering and medicinal seeds with strong effects, good productivity and 100% of stablity.

In 2015, Dinafem Seeds focused on the development of CBD-rich varieties because of their interesting therapeutic properties.



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27 oz
Harvest Weight
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High-Intensity Discharge
Light emitting diodes
Autoflowering Strains
0.11 17
4 Harvests
0.18 59
21 Harvests
0.27 56
37 Harvests
Photoperiod Strains
0.01 3
3 Harvests
0.22 64
40 Harvests
0.16 64
15 Harvests
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0.2 62
61 Harvests
0.24 58
52 Harvests
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Autoflowering Strains
0.21 47
57 Harvests
0.12 65
5 Harvests
0.29 98
6 Harvests
Photoperiod Strains
0.16 71
50 Harvests
0.2 169
5 Harvests
0.22 67
10 Harvests
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0.19 58
107 Harvests
0.16 117
10 Harvests
0.25 79
16 Harvests
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AxlWeed Newbie
Moby Dick XXL Auto
Growing it
For more infos, check "Week 1":

2018/06/16 - Day 78 - first day of "Week 12"
Today is Harvest Day for my first grow!

I didn't water the baby for the last 5 days, following the flush (pure water every 2 or 3 days for 11 days).

I removed most of the leaves, while keeping a few of the smallest and trichromest.
Buds are very dense, really sticky and smelly.

After the harvest, i had enough to roll a finger hash joint.
It was quite complicated to do things for one hour after smoking it...

Total wet weight : 60.26 g, including stems (80.26g minus estimated 20g of stems)
I will update the diary with real final net weights.

I'm happy i overcame this yellowing problem, which was caused by the use of 3 years old nutrients.
Thank to the people here on GD who helped me find the cause of the problem, and a solution to it.

I'm stoked to get such results from a 52W LED in such a small cabinet (Less than 1 sqft - 26x36cm).
The One Gallon (3.8L) pot was only filled at the three fourths (approximately 3L).

I'm going to do some butter from the trimmings right now.
3 days ago
AdamCajda Newbie
Amnesia CBD
Growing it
Great CBD strain. Strong smell, great lemon taste and still gives pretty good high with its 11% CBD/THC.
4 days ago
JustVic420 Newbie
Critical +
Growing it
Well what can I say, critical is a solid strain when we talk about of what to choose when you want to start a new cycle. You can't go wrong whit it. I used many others times before this genetic and I can say that Its really reliable for what concerne taste, flavor and effect power. A really good high typical of an indica dominant plant.
About the growing: well, it responded very well and very fast to lst (expecily). With lst I reached a very good canopy shape with a good number of colas (about 16/18) and topping made the rest. Unfortunately this plant showed, at a some point a heavy slow down of the growth. For about 2 weeks, in the flowering stage, the plant didn't grow up, blocked by some shock. I think duo again to the hot temperature. I found also some male flower that can confirm that there was some stress. This stop has bad influenced the fullness of the flowers unfortunately, the duration of the cycle (it has finished after all the Moby dick) and at the end the wight of the buds, of course.
1 week ago
JustVic420 Newbie
Moby Dick
Growing it
For the first Moby dick: The cycle was good, not so many problem except for the hot temperature in the last month, I think this plant has soffered the hot temperature, about 32° Celsius, and slow down the growth at some point. I harvested about 35/37 grams, not so good but neither so bad I think. The hot temperature of the south of the Italy can give you problems in the spring yet, so I think that temperature have the main fault
For the second Moby dick: well this two of the three MD grew up very similar, many colas, not so big, but enough to give me about 75 grams of dry weed and despite one was low stress trained and one was fimmed, their growth has been very similar.
The third Moby dick: strange fact, the third Moby dick has been only fimmed, not topping, and the respond was really impressive. A big huge apical cola and many others very big too. I don't know why the others plants seemed to be stressed by the hot temperatures, but this third Moby dick seemed to not be stressed by the hot temps.
2 weeks ago
CBD_Sweden GrandMaster
Remo Chemo
Growing it
2018-06-01. Remo NR 1.

I flushed her for the last week with 30 liters of ph water every day.
I let her sit in the dark for 3 days and then i cut her down with help from a friend.
This was a pretty big girl and i hope she is gives me a lot of strong medicine.
She smelled lovely when she was cut down.
A lot of spice,, wild flowers, soil, fresh cut wood, grass and something like chemicals and gasoline.

I will update this along the way with more information.
I will show the final results of dry weight when she is trimmed, dried and cured.
I hang dried her the first week in 70 % RH room, and then in paper bag for 1 week whit 65% RH.
Then cure in glass jars and i air it 2 times a day for 10 min.
I get back when i have the dryweight and will compliment the diarie with a full smoke report.
2 weeks ago
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