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Dinafem Seeds is a company which was created by the user community of cannabis. Before a creation it had a year of technical research, the team carefully prepared and made the first experiments of producing feminised seeds. 

Dinafem Seeds has years of experience growing. It has chosen the most interesting strains. And today Dinafem  has a wide range of 100% stabilised, standardised and feminised seeds, obtained by crossing some of the best-quality cannabis strains in the world. It works with high-quality Californian genetics such as OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Dinachem or Purple Afghan Kush.

Dinafem Seeds became the first producer of feminised seeds in Spain, proving the quality of feminised seeds. It is also international seed bank with recognised quality. 

Dinafem Seeds is presented in all European countries where seeds are sold. It is a retail seller of seeds with their own grow shop. They have a wide line of feminised, autoflowering and medicinal seeds with strong effects, good productivity and 100% of stablity.

In 2015, Dinafem Seeds focused on the development of CBD-rich varieties because of their interesting therapeutic properties.


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#Moby Dick clones
15 weeks
#Moby Dick clones Stoner_INDICA
Moby Dick
13 comments · 1 year ago
Blue Cheese - Mainlining
17 weeks
Blue Cheese - Mainlining DOOBS_N_BREWS
Blue Cheese
40 comments · 1 year ago
The Amnesia Experiment
16 weeks
The Amnesia Experiment Ga4rd2en0er
Original Amnesia Autoflowering
39 comments · 2 years ago
Blueberry Cookies From Dinafem
12 weeks
Blueberry Cookies From Dinafem Wachsemilian
Blueberry Cookies
64 comments · 2 years ago
Super silver haze
15 weeks
Super silver haze ThatoneAKguy
Super Silver
14 comments · 2 years ago
Too easy be’n cheesy
12 weeks
Too easy be’n cheesy TheBudWhisperer
Cheese XXL Autoflowering
71 comments · 2 years ago
Gorilla Glue
15 weeks
Gorilla Glue Cogollo_eu
47 comments · 2 years ago
First Grow: Ontario Backyard
17 weeks
First Grow: Ontario Backyard Ontario
Critical +
80 comments · 3 years ago

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4x8 w/1680w LM301h Quantum Boards
21 weeks
4x8 w/1680w LM301h Quantum Boards FoTwenny
+2 strains
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Mobydick xxl * 20/4 * autoflowering
13 weeks
Mobydick xxl * 20/4 * autoflowering Bloombuster
Moby Dick XXL Auto
65 comments · 2 years ago
Dinafem Cheese
18 weeks
Dinafem Cheese Grey_Wolf
97 comments · 1 year ago
Dinafem Moby Dick
15 weeks
Dinafem Moby Dick Herbalize
Moby Dick
189 comments · 3 years ago
13 weeks
115 comments · 1 year ago
Dinafem's Ocean Grown Cookies
16 weeks
Dinafem's Ocean Grown Cookies NobodysBuds
Ocean Grown Cookies
78 comments · 8 months ago
Critical Mass CBD
23 weeks
Critical Mass CBD WeedWhisperer
Critical Mass CBD
54 comments · 5 months ago
Purple Orange beautiful
50 weeks
Purple Orange beautiful Yololive
Purple Orange CBD
214 comments · 4 years ago
11 weeks
Critical Jack Auto
80 comments · 1 year ago

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Cheese CBD outside
1 week
Cheese CBD outside SebyOne
Cheese CBD
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Fruit Automatic
1 week
Fruit Automatic Kali420
Fruit Automatic
3 comments · 1 day ago
critical 2.0
1 week
critical 2.0 LordSpl
Critical + 2.0
2 comments · 5 days ago
White widow dinafem auto
8 weeks
White widow dinafem auto JustGrowWithIt420
White Widow Autoflowering
5 comments · 2 weeks ago
Crtical2.0 Lemon
2 weeks
Crtical2.0 Lemon RaverKushAndHaze
Critical + 2.0
3 comments · 9 hours ago
Bubba Kush Auto Dinafem
3 weeks
Bubba Kush Auto Dinafem Miatta
Bubba Kush Auto
3 comments · 3 days ago
Bubba Kush CBD Semilla
2 weeks
Bubba Kush CBD Semilla derek_farming
Bubba Kush CBD
2 comments · 2 weeks ago

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Ukfarmer420 Apprentice
Critical +
Growing it
One of the nices smelling plants i have grown, heavy sticky buds and stink absolutely divine!, I won't be weighting it wet, I will update you with pics and total dry weight in 10 days.
Join are UK Facebook page "the growers guide to the galaxy" for more content and friendly advice :green_heart:
6 days ago
Kagonisss Apprentice
Super Silver
Growing it
I pressed all for do rosin with my grass presso GRAVEDA I love dab
1 week ago
White Widow Autoflowering
Growing it
Very nice smoke, better than I thought, nice long lasting high that's not too overwhelming.

Very good for daytime smokers :+1::facepunch::wink:
2 weeks ago
Haze XXL Autoflowering
Growing it
always a nice one. i am impressed with this auto, ill need to get more of these if i ever get a chance again, im in the states and now we can not get lots of strains.
the high is a nice haze type that is smooth and melts into relaxation later. good to puff on all day and this one when pressed with the rosin will squart out, real nice amount of hash on these autos
2 weeks ago
Cheapgrowing Apprentice
Amnesia XXL Auto
A tiny plant with a strong effect! I'm not a sativa person but i liked a lot that strain
3 weeks ago

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Love Dinafem genetics and strains! :green_heart::v::skin-tone-3: