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The mother of this strain is the Des*Tar clone which was used in the Ms.Universe. She is coated with resin and smells that range from grapes, pineapple, skunk and hash. She has good resistance to Mould, PM and bugs which makes her a good strain for the outdoors..

The father is a Des*Tar dominant Ms.Universe Male, that has been well proven over the course of the last two years.. He passes on high resin content and amazing smells and flavors to everything he has touched.

Pheno #1- is the best example of the des*tar mom. She exhibits a beautiful violet/maroon/red hue upon ripening, with smells that range from haze, grape, pineapple and skunk.

Pheno #2- This pheno is one of the sweetest, but has some of the lowest yields. Upon ripening it smells of tropical fruit and hash. She still produces high quality smoke indoors, but will thrive best under the sun either in greenhouse or outdoors.

Pheno #3 more of a hazy/sativa structure, the buds form into foxtail spears. Fruit/haze/hashy smells. 2x stretch and more of an uplifting high than the others.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Des*Tar x Ms.Universe

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