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This cross was named Stone Free after the Jimi Hendrix's song of freedom. Inspired by the creative influence of cannabis, we can all imagine how much better life would be like if we could be free to do what we please, in harmony with nature.

This beautiful marriage between the Chemdawg D and the Mendo Montage Four Star male has already resulted in a variety of champion babies. Imagine the aromatic blend of the fruit punch tart with kush fuel and sugar. We expect this to become a favorite amongst connoisseurs who are hunting for unique flavors.

We have been finding some truly mind lifting herbs from the Mendo Montage crosses. Complete resin coverage from bud to leaf. These balls of frost may also turn purple. The Stone Free fully envelopes the body and provides consistent relaxation while fueling the mind with creative juices and good vibes. Keep your thoughts high, the Stone Free is here to get you stoned and set you free.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Chem Dawg d x Mendo Montage
Flowering 6-8 weeks

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