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The White Funk provides a new perspective on high frost genetics. Combining the White Kush and the Sour Diesel X male, the Gage Green Group introduces new character and potency within the White cannabis family. Our White Kush mother, with its thick white resin on top of the purple kush calyxes, clearly stands as the cut to beat. The addition of the Sour Diesel X, obtained from bag seed, has proved successful in increasing bud density and yield while enhancing the potency and flavor.

This cross will especially appeal to fans of the Sour Diesel. The high is clear and uplifting and can last up to three hours. Great for social situations as well as pain relief. Many phenotypes displayed the diesel smells and very desireable growth patterns such as fast vegetative growth, high stress tolerance, and desireable internode spacing. Expect up to two to three times stretch, these plants grow big. The White Funk may benefit from topping to stimulate horizontal branching. This hybrid will leave you with large colas covered in glistening trichomes. Very dense and compact nugs with beautiful bud structure. Growth outdoors, these ladies will fair much better than many others, demonstrating signs of mold resistance and tolerance to shifting temperatures.


Gender Regular
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics White Kush x Sour Diesel X
Flowering 9-11 weeks

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