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The first word that comes to mind when I think of Blizzard Bush is DIAMONDS. The resin glands are so big they glisten in the light just like diamonds giving the bud a shimmering effect. The aptly named Blizzard Bush will offer a higher than average coating of frost, expect large yields of top-tier cannabis with a creamy marshmallow vanilla bean smell mixed with high octane fuel and cured meats. This weed is like a throwback to the best weed in 1993 all wrapped up into the contemporary tight nug structure that is so important when trying to impress possible customers today.

A little backstory, Hollywood Pure Kush now referred to as Topanga Canyon is one of two PURE KUSH or PK varieties. The other is the Suge PK.

Bodhi took Topanga Canyon Kush (I hate that name, can we go back to calling it HPK?) and crossed it to his Appalachia Male he sourced from High & Lonesome. Appalachia is Green Crack x Tresdawg and adds a little bit of mango chem flavour to its progeny. Pura Vida crossed to the Stardawg expect to see some heavy Chem leaning phenos and some really frostyย blends of HPK and Chemdog.




Gender Regular
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics Pure Vida x Stardawg
Harvest โ€”
Flowering 9-10 weeks

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