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GPS Chinook Haze - 2nd Grow - QB LED
28 weeks
GPS Chinook Haze - 2nd Grow - QB LED buddha61
Chinook Haze
31 comments · 10 months ago
Greenpoint Seeds - Dreamcatcher - QBs
26 weeks
Greenpoint Seeds - Dreamcatcher - QBs buddha61
48 comments · 10 months ago
MF’ing Catalina Wine Mixer!
16 weeks
MF’ing Catalina Wine Mixer! Sloppy
Catalina Wine Mixer
4 comments · 5 months ago
green point seeds california cannon
21 weeks
green point seeds california cannon stutter
California Cannon
23 comments · 2 years ago
03/2020 - Banana Orange Daquiri
18 weeks
03/2020 - Banana Orange Daquiri TreeFarmerCharlie
Banana Orange Daquiri
9 comments · 2 months ago
Greenpoint Seeds The Deputy #1
15 weeks
Greenpoint Seeds The Deputy #1 suthrngrwr
The Deputy
46 comments · 3 years ago
Berry & gas
14 weeks
Berry & gas clovergarden
12 comments · 8 months ago
03/2020 - Topanga Wedding
18 weeks
03/2020 - Topanga Wedding TreeFarmerCharlie
Topanga Wedding
9 comments · 2 months ago
Outdoors Summer 2020
17 weeks
Outdoors Summer 2020 CSTP420
+1 strain
6 comments · 6 days ago
13 weeks
Tombstone stutter
8 comments · 5 months ago

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Cookie Crunch
Growing it
Both of my plants were male
6 days ago
Sundae Driver x Star Dawg
Growing it
This strain was sundae banana cookies. Sundae driver x black banana cookies. Interesting grow. Unfortunately I topped to a mutated node and half of my mainline didnt really develop. Made training easier I suppose. The plant grew in a classic cookies style where all the yield was at the top and quick diminishing returns as you went down the stem. Smells incredible. Like brown butter, brown sugar, vanilla, roasted nuts. Immediately popped another seed for the next round. Will update with yield once done drying.
Smoke update: incredibly potent. Hits you right behind the eyes immediately. If I could update the score I'd give it a 9/10. 1 deduction for the mutated mainline but hey that DNA for you. Never know what transcriptase is gonna make
2 months ago
Sloppy Apprentice
Wow - genetics on this on this one were strong. Finally product smelled like lemon and pepper. One of my autos seeded my flowering tent- so yield and potency were reduced.
5 months ago
stutter Apprentice
Growing it
Very difficult strain to grow. It stretches like nothing I have ever seen. Expect it to at least triple in size at flip. It hermed hard. Some of the best ones were almost thrown out because they looked more like boys than girls.

I picked all the sacks off and persevered. Didn't find a single seed.

Next these super tall thin branches have to support some massive weight. Everything will have to be supported. Had many branches buckle under their own weight.

The end result though is absolute fire. The smells have a fairly wide range but mostly it's a very floral very very gassy og smelling strain.
One of the nicest I have grown.

Very easy to trim.
5 months ago
clovergarden Apprentice
Growing it
Seems to be a 9 plus weeks strain..has a great candy cherry lollie aftertone when smoked
8 months ago

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