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Dreamcatcher is our version of Blue Dream strain, a commercial producer’s ideal plant. She smells of delicious blueberry blossoms with a sugary-sweet flavour to match and is known for extreme vigour and fish story yields. The Dreamcatcher resin production is above-average, and many casual smokers appreciate her gentle sativa-dominant effect. She is consistently functional, euphoric, and happy without the usual paranoia or raciness associated with Hazes. Connoisseurs sometimes look down upon Blue Dream, as she is known for growth and production as opposed to her quality. Crossing her to Stardawg is an obvious choice.

Ideal Dreamcatcher plants will display all the vigour and yields of the Blue Dream strain, but with a revived sense of potency, strength, and a more developed aroma. The fruity sweetness of the Blue Dream will mesh with the acridity and astringent tones of the Stardawg in Dreamcatcher, and you’ll be able to pick from a plethora of intriguing combinations that transcend either parent. Dreamcatcher is ideal for commercial producers who don’t want to sacrifice on quality, or for personal producers who are sick of small harvests.


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Blue Dream x Stardawg
Flowering 11-12 weeks

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