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Cowboy Kush is a combination of OG Kush and Chem. OG Kush and Chemdog cultivars are some of the most aromatic and potent on the planet and make for an incredible breeding combination. Our Stardawg male contributes all the best in Chemdog genetics, boosting the yield, colour, resin production, and ease of growth to the offspring. The best phenotypes of Cowboy Kush will be a balance of both parents.

You can expect lots of industrial aromas, pine, sharp lemon cleaner, and skunky fragrances.

Cowboy Kush will not be nearly as finicky as Hells OG, improving not only on the quality of smoke but the ease of growth and harvest. 


Gender Feminised
Genes indica/sativa
Genetics Hellโ€™s Angels OG Kush x Stardawg
Flowering 9-10 weeks

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