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Full Moon Fever will keep the heat turned up all night long! Durban Poison is an extra-frosty sativa clone that reportedly originates in the South African city of Durban. Her resin production, high THC-V content, anise/black licorice aroma, and uniquely functional effects make her one of the most popular landrace varieties in existence. She is surprisingly dense for a landrace sativa, and it’s rumored that Durban Poison is not pure, but rather a hybridized African sativa. Whatever her true origins, it is universally recognized that she is unusually functional, clear-headed, and even energetic–this is likely due to her high production of THCV, a cannabinoid that actually suppresses hunger and gives a feeling of intense euphoria. As unique as her effect, the flavours of black licorice and anise are striking in Durban Poison, and as a result, she has proliferated in grow rooms all around the US.

Famed for its robust structure the Stardawg will boost the yields of Durban Poison and heap some janitorial chemical aromas on top of the anise and licorice scents. Evident from the pictures, Stardawg adds some excitement by purpling the flowers and leaves! You won’t see colour like that on pure Durban.

The sometimes racy and paranoid effects of the Durban will be relaxed a bit from the Stardawg cannabinoids, making her more calm overall.

Full Moon Fever is a much less intimidating smoke for those sensitive to potent sativas. 


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly sativa
Genetics Durban Poison x Stardawg
Flowering 11-12 weeks

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