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GrowCaCola Apprentice
Illuminauto №12 Grapey Walter
Growing it
So I got two different phenotypes. The lineage for Grapey Walter is Grape Crinkle crossed with Walter White (i'll post the mephisto description at the bottom) One smelled exactly like Grape Crinkle if Grape Crinkle had a long day in the gym. The Walter White definitely gave it some funk and cured the less dense buds produced by grape crinkle, making little golf balls of the beautiful smelling stuff. The other, is absolutely covered in trichomes and smells like minute maid orange juice. Not a joke at all. I love it. You can see the pile of dry sift in the pictures; it came from only one plant. This pheno type is amazing and given the chance it would be a mainstay in my rotation.

Density - 8/10 The Walter White worked its magic and made this bud nice and dense without becoming a grinder breaker.

Flavor - 10/10 Out of the park with this one in the flavor department. Really shines in a clean bong or a joint (my personal preference) this one tastes amazing no matter the pheno. The Crinkle leaning pheno tastes like dimetap and race gas, a beautiful flavor on the exhale. The MM pheno tastes just like orange juice again, but it has a little funk on the back end that made most of that plant end up in the head stash jar. Growers choice! haha

Bag Appeal - two separate scores here. Crinkle Pheno is a 7/10 - it isnt as Trichy and is a bit more leafy. The plant wasnt as happy so maybe that has something to do with it. I think it ran out of Potash a bit early. The MM pheno is another story - Just like the Sour Stomper, this one gets a 11/10 in the bag appeal department. Its the second strain i grab when i want to impress someone. It looks beautiful and the nugs are huge.
2 years ago