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GrimbolTheDruid Apprentice
Growing it
Bubble Gum (from seed) grown in DWC from MSNL. So This had to be the most sensitive strain I have ever grown. I do not think that was necessarily a bad thing either. I could not give it any more than 1/8-1/4 strength nutrients at any point or they would burn immediately. These plants were very sensitive and responsive to any environmental changes.

It makes it so you really do not have to use many nutrients which is actually very cost effective but it is unforgiving. It did really well in a manifold. I probably would not pick this strain again to grow again but they are really great for some free seeds!

Great as a stealth strain and emits very little odor when growing. If you have a carbon filter you will be perfect.

Thanks MSNL!

Month Cure Update:

So I can sort of detect a faint fruity/lemony scent but it is underneath the same smell I smelled from my white widow last grow. I am not positive but I am pretty sure it dried to fast or the Boveda packs are having some sort of impact. I hung them up for about 4 days before putting them into jars but I believe I was too aggressive with the burping and over dried them once I had cut them down.

The high from my perspective is very mellow and the smoke is very smooth about a month in. It is definitely great for watching a movie or doing something creative but it definitely hits my speech pathways because I get really tongue tied (and then quiet) when I smoke it. Great for bed time.

**Diary of the Month**

Thank you to everyone who voted for my diary. I had such a great time hanging with you guys and posting my updates. To say thank you I will be sure to grow out the new seeds and post it on here. Grow on everyone!
2 years ago