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Fast Eddy Automatic CBD


Highrish Newbie
Fast Eddy Automatic CBD
Growing it
After giving up weed almost 20 years ago because of paranoid bad trips, I was very worried about starting to smoke again. After drying it I decided to try it out. A very nice mellow functional high. I only smoked a small amount as im buuilding up the confidence in THC again. But more importantly, smoking this very small bit, most of my back pain went........... A great moment........ Finally some peace in my life from pain. Feeling much more relaxed too.
5 days ago
Anatom Newbie
Fast Eddy Automatic CBD
Growing it
Fast Eddy was harvested at day 62. She has dried for a week and she is in jars now.
Fast Eddy is easy to grow, she grows fast and has plenty buds. She is a good yielder if you

Want to max her out.

Eddy is a good plant for beginners I know cuz I’m a beginner ;)
Next time I will give her a 3 gal smart pot cuz she was root bounded I my 9 L pot.
I have smoked a little and I was very exited. I will smoke her the next few days and then

Update my review.
6 days ago
CBD_Sweden GrandMaster
Fast Eddy Automatic CBD
Growing it
2017-11-29. I have harvest and she is watercuring now. Will update later with complementing pics when i dry her and the dry weight a smoke report. Added video and picks of the harvest.
2017-12-02. Took a 0,3 gram nug and smoked it in the pipe, it tastes like hash, earthy, some sweetness, fruit, orange, citrus. It leaves a long aftertaste on the pallet. You feel the thc instantly in the forehead when smoked but it calms down after 10 minutes and you get a worm feeling in the head, neck and chest. It is a strain that gets you a little happy and give some energy but you are still relaxed and able to function without problems. Its a smooth smoke, no cough. You get medium dry mouth and nothing in the eyes. It took away my headache, relaxed my muscles, and decreased my pain in head, neck, arms, hands, chest and down to the feet. Its a good painreliver and cuts the top of the worst pains. It is also mood boosting and you start thinking about doing something. The high lasted about 2.5 hours but still gave some painreleaf for 1.5 hours more.
I will rate from 1-10 were 10 is the best.
Smell. 7
Taste. 6
Medical. 7
The effect/high. 7
Ill be updating if something changes when i tested her more and picks of her watercured buds is coming up when its ready.
2017-12-06 She is up from watercuring and is drying.
2017-12-16. Final dry weight is 38,63 grams, i added a weight video.
6 months ago