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Guerrillas Gusto is a large beautiful variety from northern Spain. It is a classical indica plant with some sativa characteristics. The plant contains 90% indica genetics.

Guerrillas Gusto is a good choice both for a warm and cold climate. It demonstrates a dood stability, resistance and energy. The strain does not need a special care, just a good soil and enough water. ย The plant grows up high to 2-3 m. The harvest comes after 8-9 weeks of flowering indoors and at the middle of September outdoors. The yield reaches more 250 gramms of top-quality heavy resinous buds.ย 

The effect brings a deep relaxation and a stone-body high.


Gender Regular
Genes 90% Indica
Genetics โ€”
Harvest 250+ gr/m2
Flowering 7-9 weeks

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