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A rare, pure Hindu Kush strain from Upper Chitral, sourced in one of the most renowned charas producing valleys in the high Hindu Kush mountains. 

Chitrali charas has a distinctively warm, centred and 'luminous' high. The plants themselves can vary in height from one metre to over three metres, depending on conditions and the particular plant. Buds are typically quite dense and resinous, with strong, tangy 'Kush' aromas. Phenotypes range from compact 'indica' to taller, more narrow leafleted 'sativa' expressions. 

Upper Chitral was once one of the biggest charas regions in the entire Hindu Kush, including Afghanistan. This ended when a government crackdown began in the 70s and 80s. Due to police pressure for many years there has been little commercial growing in these valleys, with most cultivation in Chitral now restricted to garden plots and small fields for personal use. 


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Genetics Pure Chitrali Hindu Kush Charas Plant

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