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This is an unusual Highland Thai cultivar from the highlands of Northern Thailand and the nearby border regions of Burma, and is possibly ultimately of Chinese origin. It may be based on indica var. chinensis cultivars, possibly hybridised with narrow leaflet ganja cultivars. 

The Highland Thai strain can grow exceptionally tall, given space, potentially reaching over 4m in soil outdoors. Plants can have medium width leaflets, notably broader than typical Thai ganja cultivars. Seeds are also large, suggesting a genetic connection to Yunnanese chinensis strains. This is also supported by their habit of growing to a single, tall stem when planted in small plots. Stems can also be hollow, again suggesting a fibre cultivar heritage. 

Plants have large and resinous calyxes, with slightly denser bud formation than is usual for a Southeast Asian strain. There are two main phenotypes, namely green and purple. Green types often have a musky, citrus aroma, and purple-blue phenotypes typically have more mango-carrot scents. 


Gender Regular
Genes Mostly indica
Genetics Thai-Burmese

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