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Casey Jones is a sativa dominant strain that developed by world famous grower Greatfulhead. This is a well balanced hybrid that contains 60% sativa and 40% indica genetics and provides high yields and stronf effects.

The plant develops a solid structure with crystal-covered colas and demonstrates mostly indica characteristics. It has a short vegetation stage of about 3 weeks and the flowering period that takes only 8 weeks. In spite of this it produces heavy yields. Strong genetiics provides good mold resistance.ย 

The plant is easy to grow and suits even for beginner growers. It is ideal for SOG and also for outdoor cultivation in continental climate.

The smooth smoke brings an immidiate effect and uplifting high and eathy, spicy flavors.


Gender Feminised
Genes mostly sativa
Genetics Casey Jones S1
Harvest Very high
Flowering 8 weeks

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