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The Devils Harvest Seeds

Strawberry Sour Diesel


Strawberry Sour Diesel Feminized is one of the most popular strains in the Devil's Harvest Seed collection. This is a feminized sativa dominant strain that based on the crossing between a Sour Diesel father and a unique phenotype of a Strawberry Cough female from Dutch Passion Seeds. ย The result variety has a high productivity, amazing unique flavors and good stability.ย 

The plant produces high yields after 9 weeks of flowering. Strawberry Sour Diesel has beautiful bloomig and structure of nuggets. It is easy to manage and to grow. Strawberry Sour Diesel is idel for SOG.

The smoke produces strong flavors with notes of citrus and sour diesel. The strain has the high CBD content and popular among medical growers. The high THC level of 19-22%.

Gender Feminised
Genes 75% Sativa / 25% Indica
Genetics Strawberry Cough x Original Sour Diesel F2
Harvest Very high
Flowering 9 weeks
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I am not finish yet whit here but she got in veg a rly rapid growth,a light smell if u rub the stem.
In one month 50 cm