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Raspberry Waffles is the result of a collaboration with C.B.Directive. Strawberry Sour Dieseland CDB male were crossed to create the variety with a high CBD content. The strain contains 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics.

The flowering period takes 10 weeks and the harvest brings good quality yields.

The strain is for proffessional growers and collectioners who are interesting in adding some unique genetics to their library.


Gender Regular
Genes 70% sativa / 30% indica
Genetics Strawberry Sour Diesel x (CO-OP BD) CDB male
Harvest Medium
Flowering 10 weeks

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This is the image of OG Reekn not Raspberry Waffles. Your not the only IDIOTS who think they have to muck their customers! Do you think thats healthy for your website/shop/whatever when it looks like your full of it? :confounded::sob:
You can also delete my account again after u read it as I only created it to tell you not to **** with your customers! But EGO comes first doesn't it -.-


i want to grow this strain so bad