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First Grow

5 days ago
LED / 100W
LED / 100W
Fox Farm
Room Type
FoxFarm Ocean Forest
Grow medium
Grow medium
weeks 3,5,...
FastBuds - Pineapple Express Auto
Pineapple Express Auto

Growing it




I loved how this grew and I look forward to giving it a proper home instead of a solo cup on the next grow. Spacious and not bushy.

The Outcome
100 watt
Total light power used
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Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica
Commented by SpliffWestlake SpliffWestlake

See previous post for more info. Will update post with final dry weight.

UPDATE: Trimmed, dry weight at 11.9g - May have over dried them, RH is at 54% right now, currently curing with 62% pack in mason jar.

Grow Questions
SpliffWestlake week 7 started grow question 1 month ago
Should I defoliate?
Should I defoliate the OG Kush Auto? It is either nute locked or hungry for something right now. It's super bushy, I am not confident a lot of leaves are covering bud sites as this canopy is poorly created on my part.
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Other. General questions
Techniques. Defoliation
Bostongirl17 answered grow question 1 month ago
I think adding some calmag was the right step. Unfortunately that will not repair the leaves that are already damaged. Keep your eye on the froth that wasn’t affected to make sure the problem isn’t still effecting her.
I like to remove damaged or yellowing leaves- but leave the health ones alone. They are her solar panels- fueling her growth- and with autos you really don’t what them slowing down. :seedling:
Organoman answered grow question 1 month ago
Your plant is showing the detrimental effects of growing with a totally un-natural 24/0 light schedule, or,- weeks and/or months without any "sleep".
Nothing on planet Earth can survive or function properly without a "sleep" period every 24 hours and this is why 18/6 is the recommended lighting schedule.
Plants, including cannabis, do need "sleep" for a properly functioning metabolism.
There are certain metabolic processes a plant must undertake for a correctly functioning metabolism that can not be done when actively growing in light and this is why they NEED "sleep". It is called a "circadian rhythm" whereby all living things have a cycle of activity followed by sleep, every day.
The 6 hours of "sleep" can be thought of as 2 hours to recover from the day, 2 hours to rest and 2 hours to get ready for the day ahead, and this is basically what occurs during the 6 hours of "sleep".
Changing your light cycle to 18/6 should return some health to your plant and you might still be able to harvest some decent flowers.
Going to 18/6 will not harm your plant, just the opposite, it should give you a much healthier plant once it recovers and finally has a proper circadian rhythm of awake/sleep/awake/sleep/awake/sleep.
I would not stress this plant any further by defoliating, she needs those leaves for energy production, and she will need a lot of energy to get back to a normal metabolism. Those "potential bud sites" are relying on the leaves to make the energy they need to grow, so removing them would be pointless.
Personally, I wish people would stop claiming that growing autos at 24/0 is ok, as it just is not.
If you are keen to expand your knowledge, google "photosynthesis" and you will soon discover why a night/dark/sleep period is essential for proper plant function.
I would encourage you to grow your next plants at 18/6 and not 24/0 and I guarantee that those plants will have almost no problems, if any, in comparison to these plants. Unfortunately these plants are over tired and need some "sleep" urgently.
I would be giving them just plain water for their first week of 18/6, before resuming your current feeding and care schedule.
Hope this helps, Organoman.
UKPersonal420 week 11

Enjoy growmie. Good buds from a solo :+1:


@UKPersonal420, just trimmed them (OG still drying). 11.9g, gonna make a post.