#1 Beginner attempt at indoor autos

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2 years ago
00seeds2 - 00 KUSH
Zkittlez OG Auto
Barney's Farm
Growing it
Seemed particularly sensible to nitrogen toxicity and environmental conditions compared to the Purple Punch. Still the buds are fat as hell and smell awesome. Probably an experienced grower could do miracles with this strain.
The Outcome
Week 13
What's on the scales?
Bud wet weight
Number of plants harvested
Great nutes, plants loved them, just gotta adjust amounts a little different than the official chart, little less or little more according to situation.
Didn't have the chance to witness the acclaimed power of this product, will need to see on the others.
Amazing product, nothing to add.
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LegacyMarketFarmweek 1
Hey there friend. Congratulations on getting into growing cannabis! I think you are gonna really like it here at growdiaries. looking at your diary, Would you be alright with me offering some pointers? So cannabis plants LOVE heat and humidity. It is the buds that hate it. In veg we want to take advantage of this fact to help our plants grow along much quicker and more vigorously. In veg we can look for temps of 79-84 MAX with lights on & no more than 9 degrees less with lights off. If we allow for too much temperature swing between lights on and lights off while the plant is still growing vertically up to day 20 of flower, We will cause the plant to stretch ALOT which we do not want. So in veg & early flower, Keeping our temperature gaps nice and close between lights on and off is key. Utilizing humidity in our rooms during veg will also help out a lot with more rapid growth but we must introduce it properly. In our rooms we have our temperature and humidity set-points, But when we combine those 2 it forms a third set-point which is the most important & that is called VPD, Vapor pressure deficit. I strongly recommend every new grower or old grower who has not learned it yet, To study and understand it & implement it into your room, Logging your numbers daily. For soil, We generally want to go for a PH of 6.1. You are for sure getting on the verge of falling out of the sweet spot, Lets get that PH adjusted to 6.1 from here on out my friend :) This website does a GREAT job of illustrating it with a nice graph & very good detailed explanation for soil. As we briefly touched on before, During veg & early flower we want our temperature gap's nice and tight to avoid stretch. Why exactly our plants stretch in response to this is a genetic trigger being activated by the environmental stress essentially telling the plant the end of the season is closer than it really is. In veg & early flower the plant is still in its first stage of development which is to grow up wide and tall so when it produces seed, It can cast them out nicely. Remember, Whether we are growing our plants for seed or bud their genetic responses do not change as they gh sidedo not know any different. Once the plant has finished that first stage of growth by weeks 4-6 of flower with most strains, It is by day 20 of flower. Autoflowers you have to watch for it, But once the plant has finished this goal its new mission is to focus 100% on producing nice big flower clusters & to get very sticky so it can attract pollen to it successfully. So once that vertical growth is finished, We actually now want to begin to expose our plants to larger temperature swings between lights on and lights off. This will help activate that genetic response and allow us to draw out the most potential from the strain utilizing the plants genetic triggers to environmental stresses at the right times. We can also take this a step further with doing light deprivation in the last 2 weeks using less light to simulate cloud cover. Very cold feed temps on the last flush is very good too. If you do not have them already, Get yourself a good PAR meter & thermal laser temp gun to monitor your plant top temperatures & optimize how much light your plants are getting. We are currently in the middle of producing a very comprehensive tutorial series for everybody to learn from & understand how to grow the highest level craft cannabis all on their own. If this interests you please check out our youtube and subscribe. The first 2 episodes are out the next one is coming in a few days. If you should ever have any questions or need any help, Please feel free to follow my profile and shoot me a DM. I will gladly help you with the pull down & make sure you get the best quality harvest possible as it is the most important step of the entire process. Good luck my friend!
@LegacyMarketFarm, Great post I will heed your advice😁
@LegacyMarketFarm, already did that, will stay up to date with your vids, very informative :) also, trying to manage the VPD thing, actually sitting at stable 50% with around 29/30° C. Next week's a bigger fan is dropping in and a dehumidifier as well!
@game0ver, Great work man keep me posted! If you ever need any help as I said simply follow my profile & DM me it is all I ask in return and I will always do everything I can to help you out. Check out our tutorial series on youtube for sure ! Episode 4 will be out very soon so you got some time to subscribe and catch up. It is linked off my main grow diaries profile
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homerjgangiaweek 0
Good luck with your grow mate!💪💪
@homerjgangia, thanks, fingers crossed! 👻
love_2_growweek 0
Happy Growing, Buddy! 🌱🌱🌱
@love_2_grow, thanks mate!
JamMAKEcanweek 6
Looks good for ur 1st indoor.. Indoor can b a little more challenging we have to create and maintain a climate suitable for our babies to thrive. So yea buddy great job
@game0ver,.. Trial an error makes for a better. Next time. Lol.. We live an learn buddy only makes u a better grower.. Growers💚 family
@JamMAKEcan, glad to hear that! Learning a lot indeed
Neroheroweek 4
Dang this looks awesome, Im a new beginner grower too, autos are so interesting I can't believe how quickly you've got flowering, I tried the purple punch strain off my guy for the first Time the other day and its one of my new favourite indicas, how big is your grow tent? mine is 60x60x140
@game0ver, Awesome, I think I'm going to actually copy your set up for my next grow since its the same size tent, looking forward to seeing the flowering:D
@Nerohero, exactly the same :D yeah so far that strain is looking pretty strong, very resilient and fast af!
Mz876week 4
Looking good . Good luck with your grow. 🌱
@Mz876, 💪
Adamlovesgreen_98week 10
Nice 👍🙂!
JaramnieJazzweek 3
Looking good💪
SegaYGriegaweek 3
Looks great 😉👍
Blackstone814week 13
I would say its possible it's a unlucky batch but likely something along the lines of grower offense. Even ppl that grow for years and pull good harvests have their ups and downs...some plants have different food requirements, and water/soil PH is a big player in having issues...even the same soil mixed differently in different pots can have different starting PH which can throw things off...even slight over watering can stunt autoflowers.... And TBH your Temps are way too high for daytime/nightime..that will stunt/hinder autos for sure. I don't even grow indoors until fall and winter because its too costly to cool this place to 60F to dry/cure during the summer. Much easier to grow in Fall/Winter because the light heats the tent to 80F daytime, and goes down to 70F at Night time... I really love your grow and as long as you're happy thats all that matters but just wanted to share that even a "master grower" is still learning everyday just like me who is just a "hobbyist" for a personal stash for medical Use... and having OPTIMAL CONDITIONS is ESSENTIAL to bring out the best Genetic Expression of any Culitvar ESPECIALLY A AUTO....otherwise its not even worth it for the results one will get.
@Blackstone814, I have to say that I noticed so much difference with the winter grow due to weather, different genetics and tools upgrades! Eveything went so much better from seed to harvest, from yield to quality :D Seeds from a trusted provider are way different, unfortunately I din't document anything on here but the Greenhouse Jack Herer was hella amazing, starting anew with 3 of those just right now! I'll keep learning for sure, gotta step up my watering game for starters :)
@Blackstone814, really appreciate this comment, makes me want to ry again and again, in fact I'm aware of most my mistakes and by the end of the cycle I found the nutes recipe that seems to be working best for this strain or at least the conditions in the tent. But also the pots were pretty small and the soil wasn't really what I would have gone for, also cause I knew it would have been a struggle to get close to perfection with the heat and lack of expertise. Considering all of the stuff I will be adjusting light hours to night time to lower temps and will be using coco in bigger pots with a mix of powder nutes to start off with. Also I got pretty lucky with drying and curing at least, since the wardrobe in my bedroom is the coolest place in the house :D And looking forward to the second Purple Punch, she's getting huge compared to others and I like that a lot, that is what make me think about sorta bad batch as well, since one 1 of 4 is thriving in such harsh environment. Which might mean I didn't do that bad overall, of course I made a lot of mistakes and adjustments, but hey she's feeling pretty good! :) Next time I will be able to better prevent stunting and adjust feeding schedule according to the situation, for sure! Thanks again, and also if you have any tip on the coco mix and what nutes to use, feel free to reply.
Ho piantato anche io zkittlez OG....ho riscontrato che é più lenta a confronto alle altre auto fiorentinche ci impiegano dalle 9 alle 12 settimane a mi trovo alle 10 settimana e ancora le cime crescono ed ho i pistilli bianchi che spuntano ogni giorno! Ed è una bestia questo è vero.....,però lenta per essere auto! Poi magari sarà anche una pianta seria! Staremo a vedere !
@CURATI_DA_SOLO, got you a pic, as you can see in the last one I uploaded!
@CURATI_DA_SOLO, yes indeed, pretty much the same situation, week 10 as well!
Seed2WeedYTweek 13
Amazing job, Enjoy 💪
@Seed2WeedYT, Thanks mate, did enjoy for sure. 😆
MrCOCOweek 8
Looking Good 🍃🍃🍃 happy growing 🍃🍃🍃