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Tha Royal Gorrila Automatic’s

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
4 years ago
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Week 3
18 hrs
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Commented by No_Clout No_Clout
5 years ago

01/08/18 - I fed them all 1 litre each, one of them seems to be praying up but the other two Seem a little bit droopy still.
02/08/18 - #3 is praying like usual and the other two are getting better Day by day I’m going to be giving them another feeding tomorrow, I have seen roots stretching out to the sides of the pots so I might saturate the whole pot.
04/08/18 - horrible sight today looks like rusty cracks in some leaves , not got a clue what this.
05/08/18 - browning has continued since last night and it’s all on the new leafs not the older ones. i fed them without any calmag , so I think it could be a deficiency of some sort (cal/mag).the mad thing is, it’s only two of the girls, one of them is completely fine nice green leaves not yellow marks that turn orange/brown. It definitely has nothing to do with my ph or all three girls would be showing some symptoms seeing as they all get fed with the same soloution.:v::skin-tone-2:
07/08/18 - everything’s cleared up their was slight nute burn in the process but everything seems a lot better so I decided to start LST. all the new leaves are the colour they should be with no nute burns or calcium deficiency :pray::skin-tone-2:

Grow Questions
No_Clout week 2 started grow question 5 years ago
The leaves on one of my girls was very droopy (touching the coco on some) I dident feed it for 72hrs thinking it was overfed but when I fed them it got a lot better but they still seem droopy so am I over feeding or under feeding? :v::skin-tone-2:
Leaves. Wilting
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DudeGrowsWeed answered grow question 5 years ago
The unfortunate irony of watering is both overwatering and under watering show droopy leaves as a symptom. But it looks like you are using fabric pots. It should be nearly impossible to overwater in fabric pots. I'd recommend adding more water. Good luck! :+1:
No_Clout week 3 started grow question 5 years ago
Their appears to be rusty looking cracks on a few leaves never incourtered this before so it would be great if someone knows what this symptom is and how to cure it, it would be much appreciated! :v::skin-tone-2::maple_leaf:
Leaves. Color - Dark-brown
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TheBudWhisperer answered grow question 5 years ago
Hey bud, I’m going to assume you’re ph is correct. If so, you almost certainly have a calcium or magnesium deficiency. It looks more to me like calcium as I went through the same issue on an amnesia haze grow and the pics of it online are identical to mine/yours. Question - did you “pre-prime” your medium with cal mag before planting? I see you’re already using a cal mag supplement and if so, then I’d agree you could be faced with some nute lockout as well. That said, if you’re only seeing this on 1 or 2 leaves it may not be all that much of an issue and easily corrected with some moderation. I’d give them a solid ph’d water “rinse” (not a flush) with 30% runoff. Then some cal mag after dry and slowly dial back up the nutes over time. This is could be considered a low stress way to identify your issue. Maybe even leave out the nutes until flower starts. You’ve only got a couple weeks until then anyway. Hope it helps - you’ve got some great opinion here already:+1:
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No_Clout week 3

I’m gonna feed them tomorrow with 1ml calmag per litre cause I was usually going with 0.5ml per litre before this whole ordeal. I think 0.5ml has been sound for girl #1 but #2 and #3 seem to be needing more.

No_Clout week 3

Yeah just measured it then, it was at 21” but I’ve dropped it down to 18”

PharmaZ week 3

Ca is the obvious issue but is if too much/too little, lockout from too much X or from the roots using all available Ca in the coco before you wet the pot... you’ve wet the whole pot now yes? What mix of nutes did you use?

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@PharmaZ, yeah I’ll be feeding them after work tomorrow so I’ll drop the rhizo too 0.5ml and add 1ml cal mag and 1.5ml a&b ( saw the slightest bit of nute burn that’s why I’m dropping the a&b by 0.5ml)


@No_Clout, the plants look healthy. This little bit of brown Is more a little hiccup than anything serious mate, no stunting.

You’ve decided to add more Calmag so commit to that. If it does cause anymore discoloration or brown spots, you can just go ahead and remove it. Also drop the Rhizo down now it says it’s most effective at a low EC now you’re plants roots are developed the Mykos working well then :) drop rhizo down to 0.5ml when you’re ready.:+1::skin-tone-3:


@PharmaZ, also I’ve got bright white roots coming out of the bottom and sides of all three smart pots so the roots seem really healthy.:ok_hand::skin-tone-2:

PharmaZ week 3

Looking great! I’d drop back on the Calmag if you have more problems. Like I said it could have just been some dry coco from the watering practices when she was small.

My royal gorilla autos are smaller than I know yours will be, just looking at the size now I can tell they will be big. Make sure you Lolly pop right when the time comes, as the penetration on these Viparspectra isn’t very good...


@No_Clout, you know I will lol

Wait till you got more of a bush. You want secondary side branches coming out of the tops of the primary side branches first. Could be another week. But won’t be long rare they’re growing:+1::skin-tone-3:


@PharmaZ,thanks mate let me know when u think I should lolly pop them :v::skin-tone-2:

PharmaZ week 3

Aside from the little bit of discolouration between the leaves Looks like nute burn did you drip any on the leaves?

If you have a look at my tangie grow you can see that I’ve had to reduce the EC with added tap water it was 1.9 with 2ml/l of coco a&b. Maybe drop them down to 1.5ml/l for a few feeds. Ideally you need a TDS meter ASAP before we can really put a finger on it.:+1::skin-tone-3:


@PharmaZ,the only plant I’ve dripped on is the girl who’s perfectly fine :joy: theirs a little yellow spot where I dripped and I only just bumped up the nutes last night to 2ml a&b previously it was 1ml each.

Mrs_Larimar week 3

The brown rusty spots . i think you have spoiled something on the leaf

PharmaZ week 3

You can go ahead and drop the light right down to 18” it says 20” in your log but looks higher to me. 18” seems to be the sweet spot in veg:+1::skin-tone-3: