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Jimi & Janis

1 day ago
Purple Haze auto flower Custom Breeder & Strain
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12-12 From Seed
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Week 8
18 hrs
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12-12 From Seed
Commented by OrriSakki OrriSakki
1 day ago

Week went good I think, Janis added 6 cm, they are using less water, so the end/beginning is soon, but that's the whole point I don't have a clue when it is best to start harvesting process, should I wait for these white pimples are more amber ? I changed back to 18-6 I felt Janis getting tired and am trying to get her smile more, would it change if I added more light ? I am going to do so, when the postman arrive.

Grow Questions
OrriSakki week 5 started grow question 4 weeks ago
Need tips
Should I be worried about the brown color on the bottom leaves on this plant, it's purple Haze auto flower strain
Leaves. Other
OrriSakki answered grow question 3 weeks ago
Hashy answered grow question 4 weeks ago
I'd say you need to go onto a Bloom Feed now as she will be using more phosphorus and potassium then when she was in veg.
JUNGLE_B4RNS answered grow question 4 weeks ago
Phosphorus deficiency
OrriSakki week 5 started grow question 3 weeks ago
I've been giving them 2 liters each lately, when I water them the soil looks dry on the surface, should I water them more often, or add more each time ??
Feeding. Deficiences
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AsNoriu answered grow question 3 weeks ago
what is pot size ? 2 liters for 20 or more liters pots could be not enough

have small run off, divide amount into parts and water each 5 mins, better saturation

girls big

normally soil needs wet/dry cycle

best to give such amount , that plant would drink it in 3-4 days

only lifting pots will tell when to water, if they easy, time too, you feel real weight - wait.
OrriSakki week 7 started grow question 4 days ago
When to start flushing
Ok, I m here to learn from the best, us guy's who are trying to master this with help from you with all the experience, I often fall into the fase of trying to create the wheel all by myself even tho it have been known for a wile, after how many days should I start flushing.
Buds. Other
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Sleevey_Steve answered grow question 4 days ago
the things people used to say about flushing have been proven wrong. now, they make up new reasons. this is obstinate behaviour and a giant red flag with blinking neon lights sorrounding it and one of those whacky armed inflatable tubemen nearby drawing even more attention from traffic.

flush if it makes you feel good.

whether soilless / hydro / soil grow will impact when you should flush. Soil you flush longer, and soilless maybe a few days, and hydro maybe 48hours?

consider this... outdoor is okay right? and in good conditions it will grow just as good of weed as indoor, though chances are you don't have 100% sunny days over 3-4 months, but still.. now, do they flush the earth wees before harvest? lol, no of course not, because that would be fucking insanity trying to flush the earth of the stuff that provides NPKCaMgS + trace elements. insanity.

trichomes on calyxes, not leaves (30x magnification needed)
pistils - color change
density of buds

use all three to determing your harvest point. some of these can vary by genetics, so it's good to use more than 1 observation to decide. read up on it, sure, but do try early-to-late window harvests so you know you are finding what you prefer out of your weed. the example i liek to use is common cold medication, like nyquil. some people fall asleep and a small majority will get hyper from nyquil. I'm in a coma within 30mins of takng nyquil, lol, but not all experience the effects the same way. Same with weed. there is deviation person to person, though not often drastically different.
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