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Humboldt Seed Co. Photoperiod Grow

1 day ago
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Pro-Mix HP
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week 3
week 4
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Week 4
18 hrs
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Commented by Minnesota_Grows_420 Minnesota_Grows_420
1 day ago

(Day 30) - Blueberry Cupcake -

Scrog is going well. From left to right in the pic, California Octane and Blueberry Cupcake. PPFD is averaging around 400 as read by an Innoquest Spot-On PAR meter. Both plants are looking very happy and have responded well to the topping. It is very apparent that Blueberry Cupcake is going to be a monster. I think it would be unwise to let this one veg for too long. I will likely flip in another 7-10 days. Very long internodal distance. She is a touch finicky with the nutes. I am only using 1 tsp/gallon in the res which translates to only .4 EC not counting my .4 EC water from the tap. So a total of .8 (NPK Industries all-in-one "Grow") and 1ml/gal of cal/mag yet she is showing very slight yellowing on the tips of her leaves in a few places. Both plants are exhibiting purple streaks on the main stalk which is really nothing to worry about and is almost certainly the genetics. BC loves to be scroged so far and she is going to need it or she will be in my light in a hurry once flipped. I expect she will need to be double scroged at some point. Both plants are already giving off a slight funk smell which is very apparent when opening the tent.

(Day 30) - California Octane -

This girl is very stout and wants to bush up. scrogging her is a bit more of a challenge and she really does not need it. The net in this tent is 100% there for the Blueberry Cupcake. Cali Octane complains about nothing and is an absolute pleasure to grow thus far. Very tight internodal spacing. Almost too tight. Her older leaves are absolutely huge. They feel very thick and are quite wide. She needs a lot of air movement both under the canopy and above or will have pools of water on the leaves where they touch one another. She is quite a beauty. I think it would be interesting to x her with TK NL5 Haze to try to give her some stretch. The NL5 is very friendly with fruit and gas terps. I don't suppose Breeder Steve would send me some pollen? hehe

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