Guava x Gelato 41 Autos

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Guava X Gelato #41 Auto
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Seemed to be pretty good. Easy enough to use. My biggest complaint is the price. Reading the labels and descriptions, I'm pretty sure these are mostly cane molasses along with various additions depending on desired effect. For example, Bio-Heaven's enzymes come from sprouted soybeans. You can make a sprouted sea tea (SST) with soybeans or just slap a tsp of diastatic barley malt powder per 3L H20 for a fraction of the cost. Likewise, molasses + : Top-Max = Humid Acid, Alg-Mic = kelp powder, Acti-Vera = aloe vera concentrate... etc. All pretty standard organic add-ins, you'll just need to read up on the ratios. If that's too much work, the packaged nutes work well.
This is what I've been missing.
Super positive. I asked a lot out of this little light and it performed admirably. If anything, be cautious with the power levels and height as it is 150w. Oh and stay away from 24/7 ;)
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NastyNateJungleOLove NastyNateJungleOLove
13 days ago
Final verdict: Got about 20% weight after drying and trimming. Considering the learning curve, stunted growth, issues with pH, lighting and nutrient deficiencies, and I had to harvest early due to space constraints, I'm pleased that I got that much. The buds themselves are a bit fluffy, so that's an area of improvement. Although the effect is a heady one, the high and smell are quite strong. - Improvements for next grow: fewer plants in the tent: perhaps 2 instead of 6 to lower the humidity and general stank. Also introduce aloe, mycobacteria, kelp to phase out pricey supplements (bio heaven, algmic, etc). Finally, I'd like to have a bit better pH control. Water is was high at 7.5 and I think getting that a smidge lower would be beneficial. - Long term goals: grow a copule of big photos in larger 8 gallon fabric pots with homemade bio nutrients and compost based substrate. ******* 11.06.24 // Day 84: First harvest of P1 and P2 produced a total of 475g wet with stalks, stems, sugar leaves and a few fan leaves. First harvest took longer than I thought at 3 total hours for two plants and had a very potent smell that travelled quite a bit. I left most of the sugar leaves on but trimmed about 25% of them and all the fan leaves. Drying in a cardboard box placed at the side of the vent in, in grow tent. Drying seems to be holding at 17 - 21C and 50% - 60% RH most of first week. Plan is to dry for 7-10 days then trim and cure for as long as it takes. 😬 17.06.24 // Day 91: Dried for a week. Stems don't quite snap yet. Sampling has revealed good effects, heady high from just a couple tokes. Will continue to dry. 19.06.24 // Day 93: Buds are definitely dry. Might be able to jar them a day earlier. After an hour, RH inside the jar with headspace was 58%. I suspect it will climb a bit. Put one 8g packet of 62% boveda knockoff in with each jar. 21.06.24 // Jars sit at 62% RH at 21C.
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punktkommaweek 13
Glückwunsch! Lass dir schmecken 😛
@punktkomma, Jetzt muss ich rauchen, bis meine Augen Katarakte bekommen, damit ich bei der nächsten Ernte legal bleiben kann. Herausforderung angenommen.
farahweedweek 6
good luck my friend👽🛸
@farahweed, thanks yo! First grow... feel like I'm constantly learning. 😊