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Root-Juice allows an optimal development of the roots of the plant. It moreover stimulates the growth of the plants that are already rooted because Root-Juice imitates the natural life of the soil in the surroundings of the rooting. Through the strong growth of the roots, the plant is better prepared to absorb nutrients. This results in a strong plant, which guarantees a good harvest to all plant-breeders.

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Runtz of the litter
18 weeks
Runtz of the litter Fruitgrower
49 comments · 2 months ago
FC_GELATO lover's {Glue taste}
13 weeks
FC_GELATO lover's {Glue taste} FC_cultivars
Glue Gelato Auto
39 comments · 2 months ago
Strawberry BubbleGum
12 weeks
Strawberry BubbleGum Satori_Hanso
Original Auto BubbleGum
34 comments · 7 months ago
Sweet Gelato
15 weeks
Sweet Gelato Gr33nFi3ld
Sweet Gelato Auto®
47 comments · 6 months ago
FC_Dos Si Dos#33
17 weeks
FC_Dos Si Dos#33 FC_cultivars
Dos Si Dos 33
73 comments · 6 months ago
FC_GELATO lover's {Blue #41 taste}
18 weeks
FC_GELATO lover's {Blue #41 taste} FC_cultivars
Blue Gelato 41
47 comments · 5 months ago
Gorilla Glue Autoflower RoyalQueenSeeds
11 weeks
Gorilla Glue Autoflower RoyalQueenSeeds Vincent11
Royal Gorilla Automatic
23 comments · 10 months ago
Outdoor Stress Killer Automatic "Stella"
16 weeks
Outdoor Stress Killer Automatic "Stella" MarcXL
Stress Killer Automatic CBD
7 comments · 1 year ago


Organic Nutrient
Nutrient TypeClassic N-P-K or micro-elements nutrient
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Release Year: Previously Released

Chemical composition




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Jedi Kush
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15 weeks
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Mixed strains
23 weeks
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+4 strains
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Gorilla Glue Auto
12 weeks
Gorilla Glue Auto ClubRiot
Gorilla Glue Auto
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Blue Cheese Auto
17 weeks
Blue Cheese Auto CBD_Sweden
Blue Cheese Automatic
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13 weeks
Royal Jack Automatic ClubRiot
Royal Jack Automatic
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Strawberry Cough (2nd round of photos)
19 weeks
Strawberry Cough (2nd round of photos) GardenOfHerbs
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Girl Scout Cookies
12 weeks
Girl Scout Cookies ClubRiot
Girl Scout Cookies
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Stilton Special
11 weeks
Stilton Special ClubRiot
Stilton Special
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Runtz of the litter
18 weeks
Runtz of the litter Fruitgrower
49 comments · 2 months ago

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Northen light auto rqs
1 week
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Northern Light Automatic
2 days ago
RQS Blend Organic
1 week
RQS Blend Organic AB4T3D0UR0
+5 strains
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Small closet soiless auto
5 weeks
Small closet soiless auto Zegr8
Auto Glueberry O.G.
2 comments · 6 hours ago
Very first grow
1 week
Very first grow DolmenD
Auto Cinderella Jack
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Royal Cheese Auto Newbe
1 week
Royal Cheese Auto Newbe Luczbh
Royal Cheese Automatic
1 day ago
maxcys critical purple kush
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maxcys critical purple kush maxcy
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Kerosene Krash SOG
1 week
Kerosene Krash SOG Unkraut
Kerosene Krash
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Banana Blazing
2 weeks
Banana Blazing N8dles
Banana Blaze
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Hi, I just bought your products for a new Dinamed CBD Auto crop, I would like to ask you the amount of water and how many waterings per week in the first two weeks of life with your Root Juice. The land I use I've already cultivated other plants before, it's not fresh soil. Many and I hope to do it right.