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Sugar Mango Ryder Out Door

3 years ago
Room Type
Grow medium
12-12 From Seed
Photos & Videos
Grow Conditions
Week 13
12 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Commented by Med_in_Tropic Med_in_Tropic
3 years ago

Banana, asin Kevin and Bob from the Minions, showed up on the plant. Yeah, conditions called for hermie. Heat, pruning, bugs, rot all stressed the plant. With all other things that had happened, lady boy dongs should only add to my grow experience.

After I pinched of these banana's, they spilled yellow pixie dust which will likely to pollinate everything else. So, first reaction is to contain the damage by spraying the soil with water.

And on inspection, there was one more bud rot spot on one lower branch. And trichome looks okay enough. Could have more amber, but it is good enough.

Most important, I had fantastic time with the test buds. So, decision was to chop chop.

On the test buds, I called my son for his bong. This is one topic that got him to my house very quickly. It was a small bong and the bowl contains about a fifth of a gram. Like 0.20 gram per bowl.

With water cure, the smoke was very smooth. There was not a lot of test nor smell. So smooth it was like breathing through a thick fog rather than smoking weed. There was some mild cough but less than usual. And we were fine with not having test nor smell.

Well aware that indica takes some time to take effect so we waited. Well, both of us have things to do later, so we decided to clean up after only one bowl. But we could not. Neither father nor son could get up. Our asses were stuck on the floor. And some stars did came out in the middle of the day.

We are sitting there smiling and waited for happy half an hour before we could get up and went to sleep for another hour.

I read on some review that this is good for walking and readying - musta have been made by some real stoner with high tolerance. For me, this is when relaxation is called for. It's making sure that there is nothing to be done for a couple of hours before lighting up. If we were to take a few bowls, i don’t think we can move.

Additional benefit, my son had a bad fall with swollen angle and scrapes. He had been limping for a week. After one bowl of SMR, pain went away while the stone lasted. And swelling came down the next morning.

Growing in the tropical outdoor was not easy. But the stone is great. No sativa bag weeds can compare. My next report will be harvest report after tallying up dry weight (water curing).

Grow Questions
Med_in_Tropic week 13 started grow question 3 years ago
How to activate THC in infused vodka.
I have been adding trim and loose buds to a bottle of 80 prof (40%) vodka. The cannabis were in added in mixed conditions. Some buds were added fresh. Most bus and trims were watered cured and dried. And a batch was cooked.
Techniques. Defoliation
Philindicus answered grow question 3 years ago
Your weed needs to go through a decarboxylation process to turn THCA into THC. Put it in the oven for 25 minutes at 250 Fahrenheit. Personally I would dry the weed in a traditional fashion (not water cured)let it cure for a few weeks to breakdown the chlorophyll a bit then do a decarboxylation process. Next you set up a double boiler one pan with water with another smaller pan inside that one which will hold the vodka and ground up decarb. weed. heat it to about 150-160 Fahrenheit for a couple of hours to infuse the vodka. You will lose some vodka do to evaporation. Do not let it heat up to 170 F or higher or the alcohol will boil off. When finished filter the vodka through cheese clothe and then a coffee filter. You know what to do with it after that.
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MaryJaneUSA week 13

why don't you grow indoors


@Med_in_Tropic, or my friend, growing sativa dominant autoflowers may be the easiest option, including what i've just wrote!


@MaryJaneUSA, findoor is my wife space. <crying>
Really, my challenge is to find easy and practical way that most people can follow here. That is to grow outdoor on a porch or balcony.

Actually, Sugar Mango Ryder is much too strong for me. I was not able to move for a good while. So I think my next seeds buying will be Indica CBD.


@MaryJaneUSA, Wine not?

MaryJaneUSA week 13

How far are you willing to go..? All your diaries had potential but they didn't finish good. If outdoor is a must then I'd invest in a very small greenhouse like 2x2x5 or 3x3x6 (in ft) something like that and invest in a cheap oscillating fan, plastic ventilator, and if you're willing to invest, get a cheap portable AC, especially in Thailand where it's extremely humid and hot. Basically, you just need something to move air and at the same time, not get blasted with UV by the sun. Your soil also need better better drainage.. You need like 30-40% perlite mixed with soil. That is why you're having root rot issues because it's not draining. Water needs to drain, by being drained, oxygen is introduced. Also I beg you to invest in some beneficial microbes (if all else is unrealistic); okay, if every thing i've told is unrealistic to you, then at least invest in some perlite, good pot (smart pot or air pot) and beneficial microbes.

Also, I suggest you to grow some sativa dominant or pure sativa genetics. They do better in heat than indica strains, such as Kush (comes from colder climate). I'd hate to see a fellow grower struggle, especially in a place where you're not supposed to grow.. But imagine all the diaries you put your time into, you may had an oz of harvest total, if that (I'd hate to say it). But if you just had a decent harvest one time, it'll reward you with at least several oz, especially outdoor. You really just need to focus on good drainage, water/nutrient feeding times, and healthy roots which can be promoted by beneficial microbes. Oh yes, and you need to check your pH. VERY VERY IMPORTANT.


@MaryJaneUSA, Your spirit of brotherhood is much appreciated. Yes, I am struggling. Yield is tiny to experienced growers, but I am ecstatic with my first harvest. Lovely weeds that I am certain about cleanliness.

I have started to grow to help a friend with terminal cancer. It was the wrong season to start but I really wanted to help. He passed away. My son has a bleeding this order and I help out with Thai hemophilia group every now and then. It just dawn on me that cannabis can help hemophilia community suffering from joint pain. Some of these families have very limited means. That put me on a path. Method had to be simple and low budge. Strains has to handle pain and swelling. Side issue is that hemophilia patient are all males and some have depression and self-destructive behaviors. Peace weed make sense. Harmonizing with nature and one self is the key.
How far am I willing to go? As far as people around me understand. Governments had brain washed people for so long. City people have bad image of ganja. I am starting discreetly and slowly. Later, I need to show that I had done it and how I did it. Knowledge of ganja growing in Thai language is very limited.
Comments and supports from my diaries are much more than I expected. I learned much quicker and am more committed. I also picking up weed philosophy and it makes me a better person.
Thanks for the drainage comment. This may have killed one of my auto. I think the Thai one died because of bat guano and cow manure. I went crazy with pumice and peat. It did not drain well enough. I have to go back my root on legume leaves mix and coconut husk. This is laziness on my part. Coconut husk need to be mix fresh every time. My soil is full of digestive microbial. Five years ago, we had this long flood. And I use microbial to handle staggering water. The entire yard is ready to digest anything new. Organic fiber is eaten up fairly quickly. So I thought pumice was my answer.

Well, back to basic then.
My next grow I will change my mix and try the microbial mix. So many types are in plant shops. I need to ask my favorite shop which is good for the purpose.
For strains, yes 8 months photoperiod sativa will surely works. Still trying for strains with different effect from (Thai) garden variety. I still have two strains of indica seeds to try. Even with half of it rotted, I still am happy with my initial haul.

Another lesson is that weed are so strong these days. I should go for hemp hybrid (sorry, CBD rich). With “CBD rich” strains, it be easier to grow. And with 6 to 8 month cycle, Christmas will be a very happy time. Think I’ll buy 60/40 sativa/indica with CBD next.