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Grimbol's Auto Berry by MSNL

2 years ago
Room Type
LED (150W)
Vegetation Lights
LED (400W)
Flowering Lights
MSNL - Auto Berry
Auto Berry

Growing it




*If anyone read through my GDP diary, this is going to be mostly the same stuff.

Unfortunately I will not get to grow these plants out to maturity. I was hit with a strong spider mite attack about 3-5 weeks ago and I did not catch it until now I am guessing. I cut them down after a few days of debate. See the week update for more details.

This plant was not given optimal conditions at all and was in a tiny 1'x2' section of my veg tent. I thought I would have more room in my flower tent but it never happened.

Thanks MSNL. Luckily I have two more of these going outside and one is purple! I am going to try switching to soil and autos for my next few grows most likely but I have these seeds ready to go in my little bank.

Biggest learning point from this: Never bring outdoor plants into your indoor garden and change clothes if you are working in between gardens on the same day.

I hope everyone can learn from my mistakes and everyone who wants to say "I told you so!" can do so now :cry: :cry:@B4RNS, and @Bigdaddyk

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
132 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Photos & Videos
Tastes like
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

Positive effects


Negative effects


Love these products. Definitely will continue to use them. I am going out switch to soil so I am cutting out Voodoo Juice, Bud Ignitor, and CarboLoad. The bud ignitor just isn't worth it in my opinion and after adding the Recharge to my grow I do not need anything else for the root zone really.

I was given this product as tester by my local hydro shop and I am so glad I tried it. Go back and look at the difference in my root growth around weeks 8-9 if you do not believe me. My root growth just exploded and there are so many beneficial compounds in it, I love it. I will never grow without it again. It replaced several products from the AN line saving me money and increased my root mass over voodoo? Sold.

*If anyone read through my GDP diary, this is going to be mostly the same stuff.

So, sad day friends. I got spider mites and had to throw all my plants out. This is what I think happened:
About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed some freckling on the lower leaves. I looked at it and thought it might be a cal/mag issue so I added cal/mag that week and went about my business. I saw it about a week later and it wasn't getting any better so I added more cal/mag. This continued for about 2-3 weeks until I finally took off a leaf and examined it under my microscope. I saw little bugs crawling everywhere and my stomach just dropped. My fiance did some quick research while I was panic ripping leaves off (see pictures) and she correctly diagnosed it as spider mites.

I debated with myself and my close friend and ultimately I decided to throw all the plants in my tent away. I know that there are a lot of people who will say that there are things I could have done to make it to harvest but what it came down to is the people I take care of and personal pride. I consider myself a caregiver and I give away product for free that I am not going to use to my family and close friends. I thought to myself "Would you smoke this?" and when my answer was "ehhh, I don't know", I thought about how it would feel giving it away and immediately made the decision to destroy them. I take an immense amount of pride in my product and this hobby and if I am not going to stand behind it I would rather just start over. I grow from my heart (shout out to the Grow From Your Heart Podcast!) to help people and make sure my family is not getting unsafe product from sketchy people. To spray pesticides in flower that may hurt people and have little bug carcasses in there just goes against that in every way and is just wrong in my opinion if you are giving it away to others. If you are the only one smoking it then it is one thing to take that risk but not with your patients. I want my medicine to help people, not create or exacerbate health issues.

It is also important to note that the mites had moved from my flower tent into my veg space and took over my auto berry as well. Damn things are crafty and fast.

So that is why I made the decision to destroy them all after 3+ months of res changes, pruning, and manifolding on a slow vegging strain. Feel free to chime in with your opinion but I do not regret my decision. I threw out my new clones, mother plant, and auto berry I had on my veg side as well. Shout out to all the other growers out there that do the right thing by their patients. Caregivers > Cash croppers.

For anyone curious, I removed everything from my tent and scrubbed it all with a 20% bleach/water solution. All equipment has been wiped down and stored in the garage away from any organic materials. I will give them until tomorrow (2 days) to air out and dry and then I will wipe it down again with bleach and wait another 2 days. Hopefully that will make sure everything is dead and will not come back next grow. That next grow should start in about a week.

It sucks but sometimes it happens and you gotta be ready for it. Lesson learned. Never bring outdoor plants into your indoor garden even if it is after just a day or two. A bunch of people on here and Reddit warned me and I did not listen. Now I have learned the hard way and it feels like when your parents "told you so" haha.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by along the way. Stay tuned for a new grow coming soon. It is going to be some cool new limited edition Mephisto Illuminautos. I am pretty excited.

Good luck out there and always grow from your heart folks.


B4RNS week 5

Shame :cry:

grow_doctor week 5

That sucks! :cry:



Yeah a tough one for sure but it had to be done.

Removed week 5

This is so sad. I'm sorry that you caught mites. Best wishes in your future grows my friend!



Thanks for the well wishes bud. You as well!

Removed week 5

accept my condolences bro



Much appreciated man, sad day for sure.

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