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Bloody Skunkus Amungus

Approved by Sweet Seeds
1 year ago
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Week 1
20 hrs
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Commented by Philindicus Philindicus
2 years ago

Grow box 24" deep 28" wide 60" high
Diamond foil on 4 walls/ Flat white floor and ceiling
140 actual watts G8 veg / bloom LED
245 actual watts G8 bloom LED
2.2 gallon air pots
Soil- Roots Organic Original
Epsoma seed starting mix
Exhale Co2 bag
Auto pilot Temp/Humidity/Co2 monitor.
HM ph meter
HM tds meter (0.5 ppm scale)
6" 2-speed circulation fan
(2) Variable speed muffin intake fans w/nuisance dust filter

4" 190 cfm variable speed exhaust fan with carbon filter.

Started by dropping 4 seeds in a shot glass of water 6.8 ph. They split open in 24 hours, at 48 hours showed a small tail, they were transferred to a moist tissue placed in dark covered container and had a nice tail on the end of the 4th day.
Trying Roots Organic Original mix for the first time. A slurry test showed a ph of 6.6 ph. I expect this to drop when the microbes come to life and start adding nutes.
Last grow I used Happy Frog but had to deal with low ph issues early in the grow (Fox Farm get your mix right) I'm not going to obsess with the ph too much on this grow or so I say.
I lightly moistened the mix before putting it in the pot and knocked the pot to settle it in a bit. Using a solo cup I created a pocket to hold about 1.5 - 2 cups of Epsoma seed starting mix which was moistened with water/KLN mix using just enough moisture so when compressed in my hand it still held together in a ball without breaking up when I opened my hand. I loosely added this to the pocket not compressing it, put the seeds in about 3/8 to 1/2 " deep with tail side down,then lightly sprinkled a bit of the mix on top. Lastly used 6-8 drops of water/KLN mix on top. They broke through the surface over the next 3-4 days textbook style seedlings. All looked normal except 1 appeared to be a pale green compared to the others.
I'm aware it might be a green phenotype but I will keep a close eye on her any ways.
I use clear solo cups with a 3/4" hole in the tops and 2 holes on the side to increase humidity for the first couple of weeks.
On day 7 lowered light to 30"
Let the fun begin :blush:

Grow Questions
Philindicus week 3 started grow question 1 year ago
About those fungus gnats, I definately won't be buying bags soil from the same distributor next time. Since this pest is something most growers wind up with on occasion so do you try to add preventatives to your soil mix every time or take some other steps?
Techniques. SoG
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Thee_HoffGuyy answered grow question 1 year ago
What I will do is any time is see one first thing I will do is either make a cinnamon tea or even put a little cinnamon powder on the top soil they hate the smell and won't go in an lay larvae. It doesn't kill the adult so sticky traps are great. and to make the cinnamon tea you just take any where from 2-4 tbs of cinnamon powder and add it to hot/boiled water the water needs to be pretty hot. Add powder to hot water in a jug you can shake it up in then after shaking let sit and cool for 12-24 hrs then strain and you are left with a cinnamon smelling "Tea" you can spay it on the Tent, plants, outside tent pretty much anywhere you want and it smell likes cinnamon an deters them from going near there.:+1: If they are really bad and already in the soil then Diotamacious Earth works great to kill anything trying to come up or into the soil it cuts them up as they try. Also another good easy preventative is to have some companion plants that have insecticide like properties like basil a lot of pest hate the smell of it so they stay away there is a bunch that can help look into it it pretty neat:blush: Happy growing!!
Philindicus week 6 started grow question 1 year ago
Does anyone out there feeling the same way I do about too much nitrogen in nutes during bloom causing buds to be too leafy and with a 8-9 week auto flower would week 6 or week 7 be better to give them a bit of extra P/K yet leave enough time for a 10-14 day flush?
Techniques. Defoliation
Caribbean answered grow question 1 year ago
I would add it on week 6 and stop it on the end of week 8 to have 2 weeks of pk boost for the plant. I agreed that too much nitrogen can lead to leafy plants but I also observed that phenomenon when I was using a 6-6-6 Npk nutrient , the plants ended up more leafy and green than usual , the taste was affected by too much chlorophyll
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Sweet_Seeds week 1

Thanks for sharing a new diary with one of our strains ;)

We hope you enjoy it,

Sweet smokes!


@Sweet_Seeds, I've been looking forward to this grow.

Budcoin week 1

Definitely following this brother, I wanna grow some bloody skunk soon, thanks for the comment on my last grow :ok_hand: I'm on to some forum stomper now


@Budcoin, for some reason everyone loves some purple bud.

Med_in_Tropic week 1

Yeah! The diary that i’ve been waiting for.

Show all replies (1)

@Philindicus, but if you are bored with smooth progress. Out door will be an adventure ....,


@Med_in_Tropic,I'm in Florida. We have similar growing conditions it's too hot and humid to be growing outdoors mold/mildew is a big issue. We have too many bugs above ground and the ground is a powdery sand that have root damaging nematodes. So it's a no growing outside situation. Even growing indoors has it's challenges. During bloom it's difficult to keep temperatures under 79 F even using LEDS and air conditioning the house. As for topping or fimming an auto flower I won't do it with the smaller ones it sets them back too much. I would try it with a large fast growing strain that needs to be controlled a bit but even still I would more than likely LST and maybe supercrop it a bit. I don't want the thing to herm out on stressing it too much.


@Philindicus, I would love to have uneventful few weeks for my cannabis grow. Preparation beats reaction. You have Excellenltly . set up and disciplined you n your plan. If you want excetement, plant one out door for kick.

Here is an idea, pop extra seed, fim one at node 3. You may get a bonsai. That’ll keep you occupied. You can call it either kush maple or tropical maple.