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Double Amnesia

Approved by Exotic Seed
2 years ago
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Grow medium
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Commented by dalemac dalemac
3 years ago

Man am I glad winter is over. It's been cold and wet by local standards. Turned out to be a good thing I planned NOT to grow anything last winter because I injured my shoulder necessitating surgery in December. So it was a good winter NOT to want to play golf either... because while I have my mobility back now, golf is still at least a few months away.

These seeds came from my winnings from last September's Diary of the Month contest (THANKS Exotic Seed for sponsoring these gigs). The overall plan is similar to last summer in that the plants will start vegging indoors under LED lighting and then moved outdoors for the remainder of the summer. There doesn't appear to be a way to construct an indoor/outdoor diary as yet so we'll just call this outdoors and make notes along the way.

25 seeds is like a lifetime supply for me considering my consumption rate and age, so we're going to get frivolous here and germinate 3, using only the first 2 to come to life. The other planned difference from last summer is that instead of a wimpy 5 gallon fabric pot I've got a 10 and 15 gallon fabric pots standing by. That should enable me to leave town overnight without worrying about my girls wilting. So let's get to it! :grimacing:
OY.. just to start the year out weird the GD team informed me I broke a TOS rule by including a logo or something in my diary cover. Ummm OK... ya got me there. In fact there's logos in 3 of the first 4 pictures I posted. All of them happen to be from sponsors who contributed things that I won here on Grow Diaries... and I was operating under the pretense that those sponsors might appreciate the pictures... so color me confused. I will naturally comply, but until one of my seeds sprouts, it's a less interesting picture. Also remember the immortal words... when the going gets weird... the weird turn pro. RIP Hunter :skull:
So I have a picture of what is essentially a package of rolling paper that I received from Exotic Seed as part of my winnings with the seeds they gave me last year. No ordinary package, it has a cute little magnet to keep the cover closed... but I can't for the life of me figure out what the small pieces of paper (above the supply of rolling papers) are used for? Filters? Something to write down somebodies phone number on? WTF? Maybe I'm just getting old and the kids can fill me in. Any clues?

I thought I might actually run a quickie contest and give away like 3 Amnesia seeds just for fun for the best answer... but I'd probably break more TOS rules just for thinking about it so we won't go there. :wink:

Grow Questions
dalemac week 17 started grow question 2 years ago
Got 2 plants that have grown up under identical conditions except pot size. Both were germinated - everything - on the same schedule. Started indoors under 18 hours of light; then moved outdoors. One is flowering - one is not. Will this plant keep flowering or revert to veg?
Leaves. Too many
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DILLIGAF answered grow question 2 years ago
@dalemac Beautiful sativa looking leaves on those girls.
To answer your question I need to know what hours of light your plants are getting each day.
If the light cycle is diminishing (sun setting and rising 12 hrs or more apart) your plant will continue to flower But
if it's still the middle of summer where you are She will most definately try to reveg
Which is not a bad thing although such stress can turn plants hermophrodite in some cases.
If you want her to continue flowering outdoors you could consider a technique I have used with success called
forced flowering outdoors see my diary for more details Mate
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ZzPot week 1

color me confused ! hey man, those white carboard pieces are called "tips" in the netherlands, and they're used as "roaches" :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: i for one think this grow is going to be fun, gonna follow ! :rocket:

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@dalemac, you should try a Mighty from Storz & Bickel. You will be impressed - promised!


@ZzPot,Vaping is all about the equipment. After playing around with some cheap stuff I settled on Pax products for both flower and oil vaping ( I have both a Pax 3 and a couple ERA's. I've also developed a sweet tooth for concentrates and have a "flowerpot" from newvape ( which is an order of magnitude up on the quality/cost scale. I love them all. :sunglasses:


@dalemac, ha yes ! you'll have to send me your vape recipe , i too would like to join in on the vaping