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Double Amnesia

Approved by Exotic Seed
1 year ago
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Week 13
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Commented by dalemac dalemac
1 year ago

Things have turned quite warm presently. Gonna be in the 90's for a few days. Lots of sunshine for the girls. I've upped the quantity of fluid I've been giving them to 2 gallons each daily during this warm period and they seem to be drinking it up just fine.

Heights are 41" for the big girl and 37" for the littler one.


Evening update > I'm somewhat shocked to find that the smaller of the two girls is actually flowering. I didn't notice until I sat down this evening to do some small scale pruning (which turned into large scale on the big girl). This is probably because I decided to blow off the advice I'd read in my current horticulture bible for herb, which I've provided some pictures of (great book - highly recommend it)... here is the relevant quote..

"When propagating clones or germinating seeds intended for outdoor growth, you must germinate using a 12-hour on / 12-hour off light cycle for the first 30 days. Then you can switch to a 16-hour on / 8-hour off light cycle. ... After that, the light cycle must be adjusted to approximate outside lighting conditions and the plants must be hardened off before finally being placed outside permanently. ... The purpose of this is to simulate springtime lighting conditions. If you placed the seedlings that had been acclimated to an 18-hour on / 6-hours off photoperiod directly outside, they would immediately begin to flower for a couple of weeks before reverting back to vegetative growth, which is a waste of limited, valuable time."

Now... I read that... more than once... and I said WTF I got all summer and these girls are gonna grow into wildebeasts anyway... I'm too lazy to mess with that... and I wanted to keep an 18 hour schedule handy for my autoflowers which will still be alive for another few weeks. So now I get to find out just how much of an effect this has. Live and learn - that's why we're here making diaries. I'll have to take a closer look tomorrow at the big girl but she doesn't seem to be flowering quite as much as the 10 gallon girl.

Grow Questions
dalemac week 17 started grow question 1 year ago
Got 2 plants that have grown up under identical conditions except pot size. Both were germinated - everything - on the same schedule. Started indoors under 18 hours of light; then moved outdoors. One is flowering - one is not. Will this plant keep flowering or revert to veg?
Leaves. Too many
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Removed answered grow question 1 year ago
@dalemac Beautiful sativa looking leaves on those girls.
To answer your question I need to know what hours of light your plants are getting each day.
If the light cycle is diminishing (sun setting and rising 12 hrs or more apart) your plant will continue to flower But
if it's still the middle of summer where you are She will most definately try to reveg
Which is not a bad thing although such stress can turn plants hermophrodite in some cases.
If you want her to continue flowering outdoors you could consider a technique I have used with success called
forced flowering outdoors see my diary for more details Mate
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DoctorPhilgood week 13

What latitude are you at?


@dalemac, awesome. Looks like you have the perfect location to grow. I'm up in the Pacific Northwest, and we can't even plant outside here until May. On the west side of the mountains some strains can't even go out until June. Finishing a long flowering sativa on the west side of the mountains is nearly impossible without some sort of shelter.


@DoctorPhilgood, according to google earth, I'm at 37°42'32.00"N, central SF bay area, California.

ghostface00132 week 13

Looking great, keep up the good work, i got a few blueberry gum #2 outdoors. Feel free to check my journal out.

ReinDeer week 13

Hi mate, really nice plants, they’re becoming almost trees looking to the branches. Congrats:pray::muscle:

Black_Magic week 13

Dat huge Stamm