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First Grow

3 years ago
Girl Scout Cookies Custom Breeder & Strain
Unknown (???) Custom Breeder & Strain
Room Type
Grow medium
Photos & Videos
Day 8 - GSC 1 - much better. More leaf growth.
Day 8 - HPA - continues to shine. Impressed with this little auto
Day 8 - GSC 2 - doing great, both of these seeds were free also
Day 8 - GGA - huge improvement. Proud of her for being the weakest seed
Day 8 - ??? - continues to amaze for being a free mystery seed.
Day 8 - ZDF 1 - pulled the plug on her. Slight deterioration from yesterday. RIP
Day 8 - ZDF 2 - naming her Aunt May due to an inside joke. So happy with her!
Day 9 - ZDF 2 “Aunt May”
Day 9 - GSC 2
Day 9 - ???
Day 9 - HPA
Day 9 - GGA
Day 9 - GSC 1
Day 10 - ZDF - Aunt May
Day 10 - GSC 2
Day 10 - GSC 1
Day 10 - ???
Day 10 - HPA
Day 10 - GGA
Day 11 - GSC 1
Day 11 - ZDF “Aunt May”
Day 11 - GSC 2
Day 11 - GGA
Day 11 - ???
Day 11 - HPA
Day 11 - My makeshift tent to protect them from the rain and hail.
Day 13 - GSC 1
Day 13 - ZDF “Aunt May” the tarp was on top of her causing the tilt.
Day 13 - Another pic of Aunt May
Day 13 - GSC 2
Day 13 - ??? - tarp was also leaning on her causing a tilt.
Day 13 - another pic of ???
Day 13 - GGA
Day 13 - HPA
Grow Conditions
Week 2
12 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
No Smell
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Commented by Mavryk Mavryk
3 years ago

Day 8 - Well, I woke up and checked on the ladies and saw nothing new, they were still reaching for the light, so I made a gutsy call. I moved them out to my guerilla grow location. I knew I wasn’t going to get anywhere with the 45W LED in the tent, so I decided to move them out into the sunlight and elements 3 weeks early. I was dreading getting back to check on them after work; I was just expecting them to have all died. Actually bought peat pellets in preparation of having to start over. Got to the location (after stopping by my dealers place, can’t wait to have my own supply) and was pleasantly surprised to see they were all doing better, except for ZDF 1 who I just called dead. Assessments in pictures!

Day 9 - Not much to report. Ladies are looking great! I did sprinkle some animal repellent around my plants out at my grow location, that’s about it.

Day 10 - Ladies still looking nice. Kinda starting to wonder about GSC 1 though, she’s lagging behind the rest of them, haven’t seen much leaf growth in week 2 from her.

Day 11 - Friday - Bad storms coming in tonight. Went and bought a tarp, some stakes, and a wooden dowel to build a tent over the ladies. Got the tent built just in time because the downpour and hail came. Hope they hold out through the storm.

Day 12 - Saturday - Got off work at noon and tried to make it out to my grow location to check on the ladies and take the tent down. Got my truck stuck on the way out there and had to call my uncle to come get me out. Was still raining and the temperature dropped down into the 50s. I didn’t make it down to check on them and get them uncovered or water them. Hoping this isn’t the end of them. They’ve been without sunlight for a day if the tent held up. If the tent fell on top of them that would be worse. Will try to make it out there tomorrow before I go to work to take care of them. Really hoping they are being strong, I really don’t want to lose them and have to start over.. Leaving it up to Mother Nature for now..

Day 13 - Walked out to check on the plants, about 3/4 of a mile, pain in the ass, but I HAD to go see the damage. Got to the location and saw that the tarp had fallen down on top of the ladies which is the last thing I wanted to see. Carefully lifted the tarp to see that HPA had a bent stem and was laying down, so I stood her back up and pushed some soil around her. Also saw that ZDF and ??? had bent over some while growing, like they tilted to the left. I’m assuming this was caused by the tarp leaning them over. None of them needed any water because some rain had definitely gotten into the pots. I gave each plant a splash of distilled water and I did start nutes today, just a very small amount. 2mL floragro, 1mL floramicro, and 1mL florabloom. Moved each pot into more sun to start drying out the soil some. Although they seemed to be affected by the tarp being on top of them, all plants did show good signs of growth. Most of them started growing above the cotyledons and all started their second set of fan leaves. Proud of them.
Probably won’t check on them until Tuesday morning before I go to work. Going to let the road dry out some more so I don’t have to walk as far, and they were plenty watered. Gonna let nature do its thing for the next couple days.

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Fast_Buds week 2

Hey there!

Good luck with your Gorilla Glue Auto =)

Let us know if you need anything and Enjoy Growing Faster :green_heart:

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@Mavryk, Glad to hear she bounced back :muscle::skin-tone-3:


@Fast_Buds, indeed! And our GGA is taking off! Super impressed with her! She was my weakest seed when I planted and now she’s my strongest!


@Mavryk, Seems they all bounced back just fine =)