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First Grow

3 years ago
Girl Scout Cookies Custom Breeder & Strain
Unknown (???) Custom Breeder & Strain
Room Type
Grow medium
Photos & Videos
Day 15 - GSC 1 - she’s still the leggiest, but she’s starting to show more leaf growth now.
Day 15 - ZDF “Aunt May” my baby is doing her thing. Definitely still the healthiest out of the 6.
Day 15 - ??? Growing nicely, her fourth fan leaf is wilted though, not sure why. Starting CalMag on Thursday (Day 17).
Day 15 - GGA - looking good! Hard to believe she was my weakest seed germinated. She’s impressed me.
Day 15 - HPA - She’s growing, just at a slower pace. Currently the runt of the group.
Day 15 - GSC 2 - looking better than her sister!
Day 16 - GSC 1 - FINALLY seeing good progress
Day 16 - ZDF “Aunt May” - still the strongest of the group!
Day 16 - GSC 2 - Her leaves were raised up? Not sure why. Growing great though
Day 16 - ??? - Still had the weak leaf. Just gonna call it her little hand
Day 16 - GGA - Doing wonderful! She’s come a LONG way!
Day 16 - HPA - Still the weakest of the group, but her new sets of leaves are definitely growing, so she’s staying strong
Day 17 - GSC 1
Day 17 - ZDF “Aunt May”
Day 17 - ??? - you can see where the grasshoppers have eaten some of the top fan leaf and the fourth small leaf. Will start neem oil tomorrow
Day 17 - GSC 2
Day 17 - GGA
Day 17 - HPA - still the weakest.
Day 18 - GGA - Her leaves are looking stringy for some reason
Day 18 - HPA
Day 18 - GSC 1
Day 18 - GSC 2
Day 18 - ZDF
Day 18 - ??? - started neem oil today to keep the bugs off her
Day 19 - HPA - not growing...
Day 19 - GGA
Day 19 - GSC 1
Day 19 - GSC 2
Day 19 - ZDF - she’s taking off!
Day 19 - ??? - no more signs of bugs!
Day 20 - GGA
Day 20 - GSC 2
Day 20 - ZDF
Day 20 - ???
Day 20 - GSC 1
Day 20 - HPA still struggling. Probably gonna lose her soon.
Day 21 - ZDF - she continues to amaze me
Day 21 - ???
Day 21 - HPA - Rest In Peace
Day 21 - GGA
Day 21 - GSC 1
Day 21 - GSC 2
Grow Conditions
Week 3
13 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
No Smell
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Commented by Mavryk Mavryk
3 years ago

Day 15 - all ladies are finally all showing their second sets of fan leaves. I think I may have stunted them when I moved them outside prematurely. It’s taken them a while to get going. All look healthy. ??? Is showing some yellow spots on her leaves, so I ordered some CalMag to start using. I think it is a deficiency since I have only been watering with distilled water. Will start adding CalMag when it gets here on Thursday.

Day 16 - went and checked on them before work and I think today was the first day I’ve been taken back by how much they’ve grown. It’s been almost two weeks since they’ve sprouted, and sure they’ve not grown as much as some, but they’re actually growing. Lol. I’ve impressed myself. Okay, high pat on the back over. CalMag arrived today and I will start adding it to watering daily. Did not water the ladies today as the soil was still pretty wet on top. Chose to let them dry out good today before I feed again tomorrow.

Day 17 - grasshoppers... Despite my insecticidal soap sprays, the little fuckers have found my ??? plant and started munching. Will buy neem oil extract today to dilute and start using tomorrow. Also, my Heavy Purple Auto still has a weak stem, so I added more soil around her for more support. Otherwise, the ladies are all looking happy.

Day 18 - Started neem oil sprays today to keep the bugs away from the ladies. I aslo moved my plants to another location today. We are expecting heavy rains next week and I wanted to get them closer to a stable road so I can go check on them without getting stuck like last time. All are looking great!

Day 19 - today was 4/20 so I was super high all day and didn’t make it out to check on the ladies until like 11:30pm, lol. Looking great though! Except for my Heavy Purple Auto, she’s not grown any the past two days...

Day 20 - plants are happy, nothing to report except for the lack of growth from my Heavy Purple Auto...

Day 21 - Heavy Purple Auto has died... Went and checked on them before I moved them under some cover, for incoming rain, and boom, dead. Looks like she couldn’t keep up with the nute feeds and the wind even though there hasn’t been much. Auto flowers are tough, I think I took on too much of a challenge with them on my first grow. Nevertheless, my Gorilla Glue Auto is staying strong! All my photoperiods look great.

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kingdracokush week 3

This happened to me as well check out my diary, I moved them under a tree. Will feed them 2ml Calmag 2ml grow also we’re using the same nuts lol


@kingdracokush, hell yeah man. It was a struggle at first, but I think all of mine are starting to pull through. Good luck! I’ll be following your grow!