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Hydroguard contains unique beneficial bacteria, Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens, selected specifically for its superior ability to enhance the symbiotic relationship between the roots and their surrounding medium. During the plant’s most intense growth phases (i.e. transplant, transition, and heavy flowering), the demand for certain nutrients and essential trace elements increase and change frequently. To reach their full potential, plants require highly available forms of nutrition only possible through microbial mechanisms. Although plants generate some of these microbes on their own, supplementing with Hydroguard significantly increases and accelerates these mechanisms. This immediate boost of natural microbial activity in the root zone enhances nutrient availability that results in larger, higher quality fruits and flowers.

There is a direct relationship between the health and size of the roots and the overall health and size of the plant. Healthy roots allow the plant to uptake what’s required to achieve full genetic potential. Hydroguard is a beneficial bacterium that increases the size and density of the roots’ mass, and nutrient uptake.

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Organic Nutrient Yes
Nutrient TypeExperimental nutrient like: organic bacteria, undisclosed formulas, exotic molecules, etc
Feeding StyleDay-to-day Solution
Release Year: Previously Released

Chemical composition




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