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Green Poison XL Auto / Outdoor

Approved by Sweet Seeds
11 months ago
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Grow Conditions
Week 9
15 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
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Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
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Pot Size
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Commented by Pot_Portraits Pot_Portraits
12 months ago

Week 9 for Plant #1, I gave it just tap water twice, did a small flush. Will let it dry out now then 48H darkness.

The other Plant (#2) is in week 8 just like the indoors, will feed it at least 1-2 more times and then switch to water only.

Plant #3 in the 5.5 litre pot had some nutrient burn, I put it in the ground next to my Plum Tomatoe, will give it some time to recover, it couldn't handle the feed of the big ones :) but doesn't really mater as it was and experiment anyway.

Week 9 Day 5 I had the Plant #1 in 48 hours of darkness and chopped it this afternoon, it hangs to dry now.

Grow Questions
Pot_Portraits week 6 started grow question 1 year ago
Hi guys, quick question about my outdoor crop, I saw that i have some Thrips under my leaves, some small marks here and there, the plants are in flower and I don't want to do any damage to the already built trichomes.. Best organic way to get rid of them ?
Leaves. Color - Mottling
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Removed answered grow question 1 year ago
@Pot_Portraits hi mate I would apply a layer of diatomaceous earth across the soils surface this stuff will stop them in there tracks I would not recommend spraying anything now your in flower Hope this helps Next time you may want to look into the benefits of nematodes and other beneficial bacteria that will feed on the bad bugs larvae
Well done on the grow so far looks really good :+1:
Pot_Portraits week 8 started grow question 12 months ago
Alright, the Plants are doing great, the oldest one which is one week ahead of the others is ready soon. I normally just give tab water for a week before cutting the plant. Now my question: what do you think about flushing with Molasses, I red that somewhere online.
Techniques. Defoliation
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Buddha2 answered grow question 12 months ago
You are using BioBizz nutrients and BioGrow is more or less just molasses :) So I would just continue giving them what you are providing right now. I think the reason BioBizz recommends using plain water for the last week is that continuing to give nutrients would just be a waste of money. The plants cannot uptake organical stuff directly, but it needs to be broken down by some micro organisms in the soil which takes some days. But beware: My "knowledge" is only theoretical, I'm not an experienced grower. Just had great success with this BioBizz stuff and was simply following their schedulde.
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Sweet_Seeds week 9

Soon the harvest... :sunglasses:
Good luck in this important moment. :muscle:

Sweet smokes!


@Sweet_Seeds, Thank you Apolo ! the Plants are drying already, gonna update the diary soon. The indoor green poison i have under 400w looks amazing, will also update on that, they will be ready next week :)

Cannibalgardens week 9

Also a colder water flush last few days with some ice to simulate late fall and possibly increase the flavour profile also again does it really help I can't say for sure ..


@Pot_Portraits,I hear I did the 48 darkness and colder ice water but yes does it matter if it's an autoflower lots of questions but finding factual answers can be hard at times ..


@Cannibalgardens, I did some research and as far as I can tell the only thing iv'e found with actual lab results was dark periods, 48 hours being the ideal to increase thc and thca and also increase terpine profiles.
I heard about Ice flushing and flushes with boiled water but so far couldn't find any actual data, do you know of any ? Also the question is do autos really care if its fall or not? because Auto's grow on a set time line. Many question marks :D