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RQS NL auto led grow

Approved by Royal Queen Seeds
2 years ago
weeks 5,6
Royal Queen Seeds - Northern Light Automatic
Northern Light Automatic
Royal Queen Seeds

Growing it




Struggled with the NL auto, 2 very different phenotypes requiring different feed, lights, one plant was very mutated, foxtailed buds. Will update when dryed and cured.

The Outcome
300 watt
Total light power used
Photos & Videos
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

First time using, can't review, but all seemed OK :+1:


Top light, seems to work better than the Mars eco60 on the first run :+1:

Commented by Plur420 Plur420

Finished up quickly during flush, didn't quite fill out like I'd hoped but happy with the outcome of plant 1, there are some nice buds on it :zany_face:
Plant 2, well it has been trouble since day 1, every bud on the plant has foxtailed or mutated, plenty of thc so not all a loss, another week or two left on that one. Overall not impressed with RQS NL auto...

Grow Questions
Plur420 week 2 started grow question 2 years ago
Light height
Light height? All new to led and not sure on the height from plant, anybody able to help please, doesn't seem to be stretching, currently at 16 inches. Thanks in advance :blush:
Setup. Lighting
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Experimentgreen answered grow question 2 years ago
If you're on a budget check the manufacturer's recommendations if they have one...and then if not id say around 18-24 for this age.
But watch for any stretch and then lower or stress and raise the light. Also doing the heat test where you put your hand above the plant and see if you're getting too much heat and if so raise the light.
Good luck. Happy growing. :v:
Plur420 week 5 started grow question 2 years ago
Drooping leaves
Firstly I would like to thank those that helped with my last question, I'm unsure of how to reply but very grateful :blush:
Throughout the grow these girls have been drooping at the end of each day, 3-4 hours each day, is this normal? Should I cut down how much light they get? Tia
Leaves. Other
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Reddevil1989 answered grow question 2 years ago
Might be hungry fucker....might require bit more flower nutes or calmag as they love calmag autos and as its only 4 hrs a day and looks really gd health wise you'll be fine just a tweak on your feeding regime most likely.....leaves droop from being hungry so must be linked