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Plant Magic Plus products were created to enhance growth and for development and overall health of our planet. All products are produced in UK.

The company's aim is to provide nutrients for increasing of soil fertility, stimulating nutrition and microbial activity. The products combine many elements from nature that contribute healthy plant growth.

The main benefit Plant Magic Plus fertilizers is that it requires minimal ph control. 

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Mngenetixs Newbie
Tbh Iā€™m going to be changing my line up next time Iā€™m gonna give advanced nutrients a try as keep getting deficiencies in flower have done a lot of research people saying the same thing, I will defiantly be using terpinator next time got to say that stuff is amazing noticed massive difference in aroma and trichomes production just hope they taste like how they smell if they do gonna be one happy boy, will update the taste and effects etc once cured and tested
2 weeks ago
Jadenugs Newbie
Oldtimer grow was added to the BioBizz bloom in flower and did the job. I'm not sure how much difference Bio silicon actually makes. I would have to do a comparison grow to rate it properly. I can't really rate the Magne-cal+ because I have an imbalance of Ca/Mg ratio present in my water so it didn't work for me.
1 month ago
Serpent Newbie
I've used Plant Magic for a number of years with few problems, even though the Oldtimers Bloom does look like it's been changed
1 month ago
Red_i_jedi Apprentice
I'm starting to work out how much I need to feed Autos with these so I can't properly review, but so far so good, I'll know more of what to say on the next grow Seems to have done it's job but I've not used anything else to compare.
1 month ago

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