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Organic Soil Autos

2 years ago
Room Type
Grow medium
weeks 4,5,...
weeks 7,8,...
Photos & Videos
4/29 - The Fam from the top
4/29 - The Fam from the side
4/29 - The big 3!
4/29 - Chunk the Tangie from the side
4/29 - Chunk the Tangie main cola
4/29 - Chunk trich check 01
4/29 - Chunk trich check 02
4/29 - Helmet the Pineapple top
4/29 - Helmet the Pineapple center nodes
4/29 - Helmet the Pineapple main cola
4/29 - Helmet trich check 01
4/29 - Helmet trick check 02
4/29 - Gimpy the Northern Lights top
4/29 - Gimpy the Northern Lights side
4/29 - Gimpy trich check 01
4/29 - Gimpy trich check 02
4/30 - 1x 10g vs 3x 3g size comparison
4/30 - Chunk macro 01
4/30 - Chunk micro 01
4/30 - Gimpy macro 01
4/30 - Gimpy micro 01
4/30 - Helmet macro 01
4/30 - Helmet macro 02
4/30 - Helmet macro 03
4/30 - Helmet macro 04
4/30 - Helmet micro 01
4/30 - Helmet micro 02
5/03 - The Fam is getting close to being broken up!
5/03 - Chunk from the side
5/03 - Chunk macro 01
5/03 - Chunk macro 02
5/03 - Chunk micro 01
5/03 - Chunk micro 02
5/03 - Chunk micro 03
5/03 - Chunk micro 04
5/03 - Helmet main stem colas 01
5/03 - Helmet main stem colas 02
5/03 - Helmet macro 01
5/03 - Helmet micro 01
5/03 - Helmet micro 02
5/03 - Helmet micro 03
5/03 - Helmet micro 04
5/03 - Gimpy main colas 01
5/03 - Gimpy main colas 02
5/03 - Gimpy macro 01
5/03 - Gimpy micro 01
5/03 - Gimpy micro 02
5/03 - Gimpy micro 03
5/03 - Gimpy micro 04
From grow question
From grow question
From grow question
Grow Conditions
Week 11
18 hrs
Light Schedule
Day Air Temperature
Day Air Temperature
Air Humidity
Night Air Temperature
Night Air Temperature
Pot Size
Pot Size
Lamp To Plant Distance
Lamp To Plant Distance
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Watering Volume Per Plant Per 24h
Grow Technique Usage
Commented by AWistfulNihilist AWistfulNihilist
2 years ago

5/3 - Day 81


Did 4 micros on all the plants on different colas. Seeing all the plant milking up, seeing what appears to be a small amount of amber on some as well. Still a mess of clear though.

Possible harvest on day 86, Friday! The drying tent I ordered won't be here until the 11th, which would be day 90. They can probably wait.

Not sure if I can.

4/30 - Day 78

Macros and micros.

4/28-29 - Day 77 (technically)

3rd day of tea today, seeing the colas really start to gain mass. Another trich check today, still seeing plenty of clear. Estimating an end of week 12 harvest, if not into week 13, I'm going to let the Gimpy the Northern Lights at least 30% amber, if not more.

In addition the the highly fruity aroma, one of these is skunky as all hell *cough* NL *cough*. I also can't really fucking with them without getting my hands really sticky anymore.

Getting there!!!

Grow Questions
AWistfulNihilist week 1 started grow question 2 years ago
I'm already seeing yellowing and on the largest plant, #3. Is that due to growth or am I over watering? Approximately 2 gallons in the wick bucket every few days when it starts to feel dry, but I generally spray the top with water on a daily basis, not more than a 1/4 - 1/2 cup.
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Feeding. Schedule
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Germano answered grow question 2 years ago
hey :D -first since you are using LEDs (little Heat) , i would reccommend you removing that first Layer above the Soil, and so it can dry faster,which is good for the Plant
-and you dont have to spray the top with water on a daily basis, remember the Roots Growth in always towords moisture , so if you add Water on Daily Basics you will get Root problems and the Roots wont spread around the Pot ,
-so first when it gets dry water again ( to Cheak if it is dry enough, put your finger down few inches the Soil and cheak if it is dry or not , dont water if only the surface is dry)
i hope this helped you :)
AWistfulNihilist week 6 started grow question 2 years ago
Scrog help needed!
Do you tuck the stems with new growth and future cola sites under the scrog net, or attach them to the top of the scrog net, or either? Please take a quick look-see at my setup and let me know if you have any advice!
Techniques. ScrOG
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Wicked_Stix answered grow question 2 years ago
You want to spread the new growth out and tuck it under the scrog net. The goal it to spread the plant out as wide as possible so you can fill as many grids on your scrog as possible.

The net kinda holds some tops down so it will give a chance for some lower branches to catch up. This will give you a nice even canopy. Good luck!
AWistfulNihilist week 10 started grow question 2 years ago
How much longer to harvest?
How much longer on my 3 plants @ 70 days? Kept the plants extremely low and small by over-training during the stretch, buds are fattening up, but I'd love to give them a lot more time. I'm thinking 2 weeks based on the macros I'm taking, with Gimpy going to finish first?
Buds. Other
OutForReal answered grow question 2 years ago
The only macro you have made is showing clear and cloudy trichomes, mostly clear to me so if you are harvesting followings the trichomes you can fairly wait for 2 weeks before they could all turns white ( most of them ) so you could harvest in 2 weeks depending on the trichs
AWistfulNihilist week 11 started grow question 2 years ago
Confused about trichomes, would love some expert eyes on harvest!
Just did a mess of micro shots (Week 11). Really don't want to undershoot the harvest on my first grow! I wouldn't mind waiting until next Monday when my grow tent arrives, another 7 days. That's what I'm telling myself, would love expert opinions though!
Other. General questions
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DissNoof answered grow question 2 years ago
you do want to wait for all milky no clears, few ambers, that's the max potency for THC. When you chop her , you'll anyways have more ambers pop up during the drying process. you dont really need to wait for the tent either, a lot of the time the tent will actually be a bit too dry and dry the plant out too quickly. I found a pretty good way to do it with a cardboard box and no air flow, just pass a few rows of strings through it and close it tightly then leave it at room temperature in your living room for example for like 2 weeks. I learned that technique on here. Another variation of this technique is to have a small fan for airflow. Hope this helps ! :rocket:
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DissNoof week 11

hey there, hope i answered your question, the slow drying process and the cure is at least 50% of the final potency and quality so anything else you need to know just drop me a message :facepunch:


@AWistfulNihilist, looks right to me Growmie


@FREE_HONGKONG, Can you give my drying box a look and tell me what you think? It's 1x2x2, should be enough room!


@FREE_HONGKONG, thank you brother, you did! I actually built a cardboard drying box that I can hook into my tent to get some passive airflow (worried about mold), might give it a shot and use the tent for another grow!