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24K (aka Kosher Tangie), Indica Hybrid

3 months ago
24k Custom Breeder & Strain
LED / 100W SF-1000
LED / 100W SF-1000
Fox Farm
Room Type
Grow medium
weeks 3,4,...
weeks 5,6,...
week 5
weeks 4,5,...
Custom Breeder & Strain - 24k
Custom Breeder & Strain

Growing it




It was tough to say how 'well' it could have grown, considering I encountered PM midway through flower and had to do a major defoliation and spraying. Before that happened, she was growing very vigorously. Had I not had to pull so many leaves, I am sure my buds would have been much fatter.

The Outcome
1 plant
Number of plants harvested
150 watt
Total light power used
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Grow Room
Grow Room size
Photos & Videos
Feels like
100% Sativa
0% Indica

First experience with FF nutrients. I didn't realize though that only one is rated Organic (Big Bloom) and the others are not. Overall though I was happy with the results. More to follow though as I await drying/curing. Let's see how it tastes/smokes!

I liked both of the products I used. Will look to try out Botanicare's full product line on next grow.


Pretty impressive first experience using LED! Perfect size for a small tent. Experienced strong growth and had to start off dimmed to 50% and work my way up. Good quality for the price and easily ordered online.


Good starter tent, but noticed it developed some small holes. Was able to easily put electrical tape on the outside as a quick fix. Zipper quality was good. Ties to hold back flap when opened could be better with velcro. Good size for a microgrow/closet grow.

A fun first microgrow for me! Last time growing was outdoors in the 90s so a lot has changed, and learning indoor techniques. Encountered some bumps along the way, but nevertheless, the plant recovered and produced.

Midway through flower, I encountered PM and dealt with it first, with milk and water. That kept it at bay, but it it still progressed. Treated with H2O2/water. Worked at first, but concentration was probably not enough. Then tried Potassium Bicarbonate/Veg Oil/drop of Dawn soap and that wiped it out. I knew that spraying that would possibly change the pH, but had no other choice at that point. Thankfully it wiped it out! Cut away diseased/dead leaves and she ripened. Because I had to heavily defoliate because of the PM, I believe it stunted bud growth as it didn't have enough leaves to generate energy and grow fatter/bigger.

In terms of difficulty in growing, once I gave her the proper nutrients, she took off! My lesson learned in this is to make sure I don't scrog the branches coming off the tertiary ones. Instead, strip the lanky ones and grow bigger tertiaries, resulting in bigger buds/colas. I was concerned with trying to fill out the scrog screen that I overlooked the fact I was splitting the colas.

It was a healthy strain and grew vigorously, once I consulted with a good FB Group Member. She gave me great advice with the use of Humic Acids and microbial bacteria. I believe if the grow environment is ideal, practically anyone will be able to grow even the most difficult of strains. Wish it had better tolerance to PM, but most likely because both mother and father plants were of northern hemisphere cultivar, so more susceptible to PM than tropical/equatorial ones.

Did not have access to a scale so did not weigh wet before hanging to dry. More concerned with ensuring I don't fuck this last part of the process up...dry/cure can be fatal to your harvest if not done properly! Now comes the wait to dry, then bottle/curing process. More to follow...stay tuned!

Grow Questions
greenflipcali89 week 5 started grow question 6 months ago
Am I Doing Enough at This Point? Newbie here...
After taking a look at several other similar grows, I am beginning to wonder if 1) I am holding back on giving enough nutes, or 2) light is sufficient or overkill? What about it's distance? As this is my first grow, any advice and tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Feeding. Schedule
Fusion answered grow question 6 months ago
For light get yourself a lux light meter app from playstore or apple they're free.

- seedlings 5-15k lux
- veg 15-35k lux
- flower 50+k lux
Take readings from top of plants.

I'd say plants look fine for 5 wks
greenflipcali89 week 8 started grow question 5 months ago
Currently In Week 8 of Veg in ScrOG Setup - When Should I Flip to Flower?
I started a Scrog set up and believe I am in final stages to flip to flower. Let me know if I should flip now? I am afraid of overfilling and suffocating growing buds. Do I need to do some defoliation prior to the flip, or wait until a few weeks into flower? See Wk 8 Veg
Techniques. ScrOG
Techniques. Defoliation
Show all Answers (2)
Bloombuster answered grow question 5 months ago
Hi bro! Time to turn over the light mode, keep in mind that the plant will increase +140% of its size at the moment so that its size does not become your problem. Defoliate only on adults, developed leaves, remove those that prevent illuminating the extremes of growth. Do not remove the young foliage and do not overdo it with defoliation, because the large leaves of the plant serve as a stock of necessary elements for the future harvest! :ok_hand: :innocent: :+1: Good luck, bro!
greenflipcali89 week 11 started grow question 4 months ago
Did I give too much fertilizer??
So I decided to add in some soluble fertilizers. I gave it a 1/4 tsp (50% of recommended dosage) a couple days ago and noticed some yellowing of new growth on the bud sites. Is this a sign of excess potassium and phosphorus? I gave it Fox Farm Open Sesame (5-45-19).
Buds. Other
Leaves. Color - Yellow
Feeding. Other
Show all Answers (2)
FoTwenny answered grow question 4 months ago
Based off of the information provided and the appearance of internodal chlorosis occurring on new leaves at the growth tips; I would guess the Open Sesame was a little too much Phosphorus and/or Potassium for your girl. She may be a light feeder. There are other factors that could be the cause of the internodal chlorosis; however, assuming that you're monitoring and pH and PPM and adjusting as needed; the Open Sesame Sound like the most likely culprit to me. Good luck and happy growing!
greenflipcali89 week 12 started grow question 4 months ago
How to treat (NOT prevent) Powdery Mildew on a flowering plant (week 4)?
Ok, here is a question to ALL growers out there. How do you remedy Powdery Mildew on a flowering plant? I gave her a major defoliation and sprayed the milk/water sol'n. So HOW do you treat PM? Milk/Water or H2O2/Water? Or?? Suggestions?
Buds. Other
Other. Mold
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DoDrugs420 answered grow question 4 months ago
baking soda, 1 tea spoon/ quart of water. spray on.

copper sulphate, read lables.

fungacidal soap sprays;

garlic sprays, 1/2 cup minced garlic, 1 quart of water. let sit 24hrs, strain, spray.

sulphur, one of the best natural sprays. it is low in toxicity.

micro kill, a citric based killer. i use this with great success

Any of these, btw, can u pick my answer, its for grow contest, most answers wins some merch and seeds.
Thanks, good luck on your fungal extermination, even tho you won't need it with these methods.
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