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Feb 2018 Autos

9 months ago
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Green House Seeds - Super Lemon Haze Auto
Super Lemon Haze Auto
Green House Seeds

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6 plants
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100% Sativa
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So the plants were stunted because of insufficient light hours. I suspected this would happen but it was all part of the experiment. All I could do was maximize the bud swell on the little plants.
The picture is of the topped Super Lemon Haze. Its the only one worth posting a picture of. The 3 OG Kush Autos were small and stunted as well. They didnt fill out quite as much as the Super Lemon Hazes but smell great. This was a great learning grow. On to the next one! Lets get it!

Grow Questions
Dromarsid week 4 started grow question 10 months ago
I am growing three Super Lemon Haze Autos from Greenhouse seeds and three OG Kush Autos from Humbolt Seed Organization. They have just completed week 4 (Day 29). They are all showing lots of white hairs (pistils). Isnt it too early for them to be flowering?
Plant Too Short
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TIAdopare answered grow question 10 months ago
Yo Yo Yo. Hahahhahahha. Im sorry my man but it could be way better for you . u can't really do nothing as far as pistils because autos have their own life cycle and by this i mean u cannot control(Reverse) them with 18/6 vegetative cycle. So just let them finish. And since autos have a short life cycle u need to start strong to have a good yield in the end. My man the seeds u had were good. I think your problem was the soil u were using... Im sure next time u will do way better... If you use feminised seeds don't forget to plant in a huge pot.... the bigger the pot the better the yield. But as for autos we go with more pots(small ones) better yields...
Chameleon answered grow question 10 months ago
You're temps are way to high for a start, and you shouldn't top auto's - even when conditions are spot on they don't have enough recovery time before they flower so you hurt yield ( even seed company's don't recommend it !! )
Marquise_ao_Sul answered grow question 10 months ago
Hi! Depending of the strain you got. they will be flowering , if an auto, on his lifetime not hours of light BUT, the better you can give them conditions better plants will make! I raise outdoor until last year that i have to move home and bought a tent... When i make it in outdoor, i must find a plave, not too hot but with the maximum of sun light! Autos need a vegetative period , its on that stage that the autoflowering gets its growth to flower... The pot its one of the factor to influence the flowering... litlle pots 7 -11 L, smaller, the plants reache the pot side and its another reason to flower... I tryed 20L pot in a autoflower and another in 11L.. the diference was huge... in big pot the plant get longer veg, and get bigger!! I do this experiment in indoor 150Wcfl and 400W hps and outdoor may to june.. Bye!!
frags week 8

Congrats man!

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